1 mm of water on top of two miles of ice

And it immediately froze. Interesting how NASA gets all fired up about 1 mm of water on the Greenland Ice Sheet, yet barely mentions that sea levels FELL in both 2010 and 2011.

In response to NASA’s hysterical announcement about “unprecedented” ice melt in Greenland, “one commentator on Junk Science says there was no more than 1 mm water on the ice. The thaw lasted from July 8th to July 12th,” says reader Argiris Diamantis.

“One mm water on top of two miles of ice during five summer days.”

“And how cold is it in Greenland in winter time?” asks Diamantis. “One time Paul Driessen went there during the winter, he found out that it was minus 50 degrees Celsius inside his tent, and minus 75 degrees outside. Colder than the cold records of Verkhoyansk and Ojmjakom. The findings of Paul Driessen are no official temperature data, but I believe him. “

“The MSN paid little or no attention to Driessen’s trip, says Diamantis. “But now, with 1 mm of water on top of two miles of ice for a few days, they make it into a great news story.”


Note: I don’t know how that commentator came up with the 1-mm-of-water number, but it sounds plausible, because what happened is that the temperature rose above zero. Above ZERO for crying out loud! And then it froze.

Well whoop de doo. I doubt that any of that water had time to run into the sea.

Interesting how NASA gets all fired up about 1 mm of water – about the thickness of a fingernail – on the Greenland Ice Sheet, while it barely mentions the fact that sea levels dropped about ¼ inch in both 2010 and 2011.

Look at a globe. Greenland is tiny compared to the the oceans. And yet, barely a peep about falling sea levels.

Sea Level Continues Inexorable Decline
16 Sep 2011 – “The latest sea level numbers are out,” says Steven Goddard on Real-Science.com. “Envisat* shows that the two year long decline is continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”

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Obama keeps promise – Sea levels fall
In August 2011, NASA announced that global sea level was dropping and was “a quarter of an inch lower than last summer.”

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Sea Levels Dropped in 2010
25 Aug 11 – NASA tried to hide this startling information under the nondescript headline “NASA Satellites Detect Pothole On Road to Higher Seas.”

“This past year, it’s been more like a pothole,” said NASA. “Between last summer and this one, global sea level actually fell by about a quarter of an inch, or half a centimeter.”


Greenland covers about 836,000 square miles, a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the oceans.

The Pacific Ocean covers about 69,000,000 square miles, or 35% of the earth.

The Atlantic Ocean covers about 41,00,000 square miles, or 21% of the earth.

The Indian Ocean covers about 29,000,000 square miles, or 15% of the earth.

The earth’s total surface area – including the oceans – is roughly 197,000,000 square miles.

The fact that sea levels are falling should be front-page news.

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  1. I agree with you sea levels has dropped and there’s no lying about that but NASA thinks everyone came down in the last rain fall the funny Steven Goddard does believe there no melt what so ever at Greenland high land as mid July stayed just below freezing yesterday temperatures there around minus 10 yous are the only ones is keep speaking the truth about this plus I created a small row on some scientist has a blog claiming the coming ice age is a lie so I left a comment saying how much you being paid and the rest at NASA to make the claims that’s right yous changed the raw data to suit yous and get paid to lie which yous know damn rightly globally we been getting cooler so in my eyes the people should listen to the truth no global warming its a cycle end of that’s why bob make me angry how these guys operate sorry friend for going on you Steven should join forces against this lot the more truth about the next ice coming up the better Joe Bastardi from ACC weather good friend of Steven Goddard he should get involved he never believes in global warming hype either and openly speaks about it ask him bob to some of his own in put into your website tell he open most peoples and gives current climate state at this minute very good you probably already know he was sack from ACC weather for speaking out the truth there no global warming predicting northern US and Europe coming winter could very nasty comes to the cold get ready

    • I am hearing the same thing about the eastern U.S.A including the southeast having a nasty or even a historic winter worse than that of 2010 and 2011 after the warm winter we had this year.I have always heard if It gets real warm expect it to get real cold or vice versa afterwards….it got up to 105 this summer so maybe it will get 5 below zero this coming winter here in Atlanta.

  2. There seems to be more dry Beachfront in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico than there was in the mid 90,s this may validate sea level decline since then…

  3. Outside the computer-models of our “global warming” the sea levels are falling, glaciers are growing and the global climate is getting colder. The truth is endangered, not the polarbears.

  4. suggest folks do a visit to WUWT, Anthony and a LOT of hard workers have redone all the temp stations data.
    same as the sea level lies, they find “adjustments UP”
    when the facts say?
    pity the poor folks on oceanfront or even Near ocean here in aus, being forced off land and out of homes and having INsane bldg requirements etc imposed by utter morons in our Govt and councils.
    useless git Tim flimflam man Flannery still screaming oceans to rise FEET in decades etc.

  5. Considering that the jet stream was coming from the south and warming the air above Greenland one should view the melt as temporary and ultimately irrelevant. The greens however view it as proof of global warming which is proof that they are clutching at straws.

  6. What simply caused a slight surface thaw was some warm stable air with a high 500mb thickness value which went temporarily over the top of Greenland.

  7. NASA idiots, as usual. There is NOTHING unusual even if there is a tiny bit of water there in the middle of summer !!!!! Middle of summer when you have direct sunlight overhead in the arctic LOL !! Who cares – it’s summer time !!
    We had that same krappy BS story with the “arctic water” story back in 2002 – 2005 or so and it meant nothing. You can easily have “water” up there for a period of time in the middle of summer.

    Remember this much more important statement on this site just a few days ago:
    “The Antarctic ice thickest ever, the most ice in the Bering Sea ever, Greenland ice cap “thickening 4 cms each year” for the past 3 years, Himalayan glaciers ALL growing. Australian summer last year coldest in 100 years, this year even colder.”

  8. Non supporting AGW news is suppressed. Since there is no news supporting AGW, news will be manufactured or ‘spun’ to match the Agenda.

    I am never surprised by the outlandish claims made by ‘the other side’. Expect this to continue.

  9. Greenland is a big land mass. Perhaps some of that incredible 1mm was rain water too.

    When I saw that article in the news I knew right away it was BS. Unfortunately I react and get a bit angry with it.

  10. Sea level can be not that straight forward.For instance how do you know its the sea level that has dropped and not the land level that has risen.

  11. And! When the next civilization drills through the ice, in say 900 century’s time, that layer of melt water will be a date signature. Yes?

  12. With the blocking going on that may have contributed to the “heat wave” in Greenland, that same pattern would produce a big winter in the eastern US. Given low moisture content in the midwest and plains, any cold snap in the winter will produce lower minimum temperatures than otherwise expected.
    The mainstream media ignores the southern hemisphere. My wife’s family in Brazil reports it has been colder there in the past five winters than it was in the 90s. There was no snow in parts of southern Brazil and Argentina for 80 years but now 3 or 4 (depending on the place) out of the last 5 winters.
    I don’t like how each warm snap like the current US heatwave is called global warming while anything having to do with cold/snow is an aberration and only temporary.

  13. Does ANYONE know how Greenland got its name? (Hint: it wasn’t because it was covered in ice like it is now).

    If — IF — Greenland is warming it is merely returning to its previous state.

  14. I had a friend post this startling article on their Facebook page. I usually avoid commenting on anything to do with climate change since it’s like a religion to their believers. I couldn’t let someone post that all of Greenland melted without trying to rectify that. I posted the quote about a mm of ice melting. I got a comment back about the permifrost might melt, too. I was in near tears. Then, someone posted after that and said that the ice was frozen solid again. I didn’t comment after that and no one else did. I couldn’t believe that people wanted to believe that all the ice on Greenland melted or that they could believe it.

    People that believe in global warming will post this article and say see the ice melted off Greenland. We have so much too fear.

  15. I suppose laugh at them when they start to freeze.

    IF the cold does get really bad how many millions will have to move south in 5-10 years.

    Then people in warmer climes will have to WELCOME them into their areas for a new life.

    Lets hopes its only a 360 year cycle and not one of the mega cycles outlined in Robert Felix book.

    Humanity is not organsied well enough for that.

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