More than 10 feet of snow in Urbino, Italy – Video

Italian reader Michele Brucalassi sent links to great videos.

More than 10 feet (3 m) of snow! That’s 128 inches (327 cm) of snow!
Not surprisingly, that sets a new record for Urbino.

Urbino, Italy - 14 Feb 2012

Hi Robert,

Here are some links about incredible snowfalls record in Urbino (Marche). In Urbino (east of Florence) there is one of the oldest (since 1506) and leading universities of Europe.

Never so much snow since records began (is since 1884): /24487

Never so much snow in memory of the historical record:

Before and after views of the snowfalls:




Most snow in 128 years

According to the Meteorological Observatory “Alessandro Serpieri” of Urbino, which began collecting data in 1884, was never recorded a similar level. That of February 2012 is therefore the most exceptional snowfall of the last 128 years.


Special 16-page edition of Il Ducato.
Many photos, including shots of collapsed roofs and empty supermarket shelves.

Many more videos:

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  1. Great pictures and videos ! Amazing snow alright. Looks like Alaska in Italy. I will share these with my family. Thanks !!

  2. Finally! I have been wishing the MSM would have more news and videos about all the snow they’re getting in Europe this year!

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