Up to 100 cm of snow could fall in Australia next week

Persistent snow, heavy at times – In the spring.

A westerly airflow from Monday right through to Thursday will bring persistent snow, heavy at times. 40 to 60 cm of snow in the alps, with the potential for 100 cm.

Looks like the snow will fall above 1600 metres,  However, some of the snow will fall to very low levels later Monday into Tuesday, and possibly again later Wednesday into Thursday.


Thanks to Morgo for this link

“And it is spring in our ski fields,” says Morgo.

8 thoughts on “Up to 100 cm of snow could fall in Australia next week

  1. We have just had four consecutive days of a goodly frost here in north central victoria (Aus). I do remember that back in about 1990 there were storms that passed from Melbourne towards Sydney. We were kicking our heels around in transit at Sydney having travelled longhaul from England, watching the wind and rain lashing the apron. Eventually we took off for Melbourne and were treated to a marvellous panorama of heavily snow covered mountains. This was on September the 13th. The snow didn’t last all that long as the sun is rather higher in the sky compared with June but I have never forgotten the sight of that snow.

  2. Crap! im almost out of wood;-(
    media msm said naff all about this
    too busy running bullshit stating aus had a DRY winter
    well it started late but its NOT dry by a long stretch
    and the same crap thats its been warm
    warm if youre a bloody penguin maybe!
    only fcats for the coming week Bom for Vic says rain from sat right through the week again..just as i could take the gumboots off and the chickens stopped swimming through the yard;-/

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