100 plus miles of I-80 stayed closed Sunday night

Winter weather prolonged an already lengthy closure of Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming on Monday, according to the state transportation department.

A day earlier, Wyoming Dept of Transportation (WYDOT) crews worked to clear snow drifts that were several feet high in the Elk Mountain area.

In addition to the Laramie-Rawlins closure, the eastbound lanes were closed between Rock Springs and Rawlins, and the westbound lanes shut down between Cheyenne and Laramie.

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6 thoughts on “100 plus miles of I-80 stayed closed Sunday night”

  1. Elk Mountain in Wyoming is above an old highway in a canyon. When the designers came back with the route suggestions for the new I 80 in the 70s, apparently Lady Bird Johnson insisted that the new freeway go up on the mountain against everybody’s better judgment to not put it up there because of the amount of snow it could get According to the stories I heard whilst trucking back in the 90s through there, She thought it would be nice for the people to see the elk as they drove through Wyoming. apparently she held more sway with Linden then all the designers and engineers who thought it should be down in the Canyon to protect it from the snow drifts .So whenever it snowed badly, and I never heard it snow like this before, all the truckers will try to go through old highway and get stuck in the Canyon which is two lanes. before they put in the gates and adjustable speed limit signs, I saw more turned over trucks in the snow because of the ice than anywhere. Drivers would drive too fast without chains. Now to prevent the yearly carnage they close the gates and you simply wait for the snow plows and the sunny days.

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