100,000 Dead Cattle Leave Gruesome Trail – Video

The trail of carcasses is a gruesome sight across the region, said Martha Wierzbicki, emergency management director for Butte County. “They’re in the fence line, laying alongside the roads,” said Wierzbicki. “It’s really sickening.”

Most costly blizzard in South Dakota agriculture history

Silvia Christen, executive director of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, said most ranchers she had spoken to were reporting that 20 to 50 percent of their herds had been killed. “I have never heard of anything like it,” she said. “And none of the ranchers I have talked to can remember anything like it.”

What made Friday’s storm so damaging was how early it arrived in the season.

Christen said cattle hadn’t yet grown their winter coats to insulate them from freezing wind and snow. In addition, Christen said, during the cold months, ranchers tend to move their cattle to pastures that have more trees and gullies to protect them from storms. Because Friday’s storm arrived so early in the year, most ranchers were still grazing their herds on summer pasture, which tend to be more exposed and located farther away from ranch homes.

Ultimately, Christen said, she believed that more than 5 percent of the roughly 1.5 million cattle in Western South Dakota had been killed. “It’s much higher than that,” she said.

Thousands of carcasses will have to be disposed of in the coming days.

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This should be making headlines around the world.

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  2. and whats outrageous!!!
    is the damned cluster F..k not running!!your country is withholding urgently needed aid to farmers and for help to clean up before disease strikes as well as scavengers coming in close and possibly then going for the remaining animals.

  3. In the late 1800’s they had the big die-out in Wyoming where cattle perished by the thousands due to cold and blizzards. History repeats itself.

    • It does, every 172 odd years.
      To be honest our Co2 is contributing to the heat budget, but only sufficent to prevent a major expansion of ice in the NH during the current Solar minimum. If we have a Supervolocano erruption during this Solar Minmum, all bets are off.
      We need to maintain our current levels of CO2 injection untill the Solar minimum concludes.

  4. Piers Corbyn sys: “Devastation of cattle herds South Dakota in early October blizzard. Weather Action predicted a series of cold blasts from start October (first forecast issued 31 Aug for period Sep27-Oct1 which included an R5 Sep28-30) below (as in Forecast Archive) AND THERE ARE MORE TO COME THIS OCTOBER.
    These are Mini-Ice-Age USA events – very rapid extreme changes with intense cold blasts at times the detail of which we will be able to predict months ahead as our forecasts continue to advance. I urge anyone serious about weather in USA to get our forecasts – starting with this important October forecast bargain.
    It is worth noting these deadly cold blasts which ARE happening with increasing frequency in USA, Britain+Ireland and Europe since winter 2009-2010 are the direct ‘polar (!)’ opposite of the deranged predictions of the global warming fraudsters who are hell-bent on pointing the world in the wrong direction in order to preserve their self-serving pseudo religion”

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