106-Year-old photo destroys another global warming argument

Latest Paris flood NOT caused by global warming

With parts of France under 18 feet of water, some have tried to blame global warming, but a French photographer has a picture that destroys those assertions.

Credit Julien Knez
Credit Julien Knez

This photo from Kristine Mitchell and Julien Knez  shows that the 1910 flood  –  long before global warming became an issue. – was even worse than the latest flood.

When it comes to blaming modern climate change for the recent flooding in Paris, this picture says a thousand words

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12 thoughts on “106-Year-old photo destroys another global warming argument

  1. There’s a statue on one of the bridges that they use as a flood marker. In the photo of it that I saw, it sure looked like there were higher markings on the statue, showing that water levels have gone higher in the past.

  2. The period is referred to is a reoccurring Solar Wolf-Gleissberg cycle
    Abstract: The only continuous solar observations that extend over the important climatic time scale of decades to centuries are those of sunspots, yielding a measure of magnetic activity. There are evidences for the modulation of the amplitude of the 11year solar cycle in a period of about 80 years known as Wolf-Gleissberg cycle. The Cycle seems to be fairly clear in the sunspot record and in its proxy measurements by cosmogenic isotopes. The cycle appears to show up in many meteorological parameters, suggesting that there may be an important sun/climate connection over long periods of time(Hoyt and Schatten 1997). The Solar Wolf-Gleissberg cycle stimulate solar forcing on terrestrial phenomena’s as evident from the pattern of Global temperature (both air and ocean temperatures).
    Solar Wolf- Gleissberg periodicity is marked in a wide range of terrestrial evidences since millions of years and is still at work. It is found that climatic fluctuations are induced at the turning points of such cycles. In order to solve this problem, it is found that there are three types of solar cycles occurring on the sun namely, those occurring during Maunder minimum anomalies that caused the very cold weather in the little ice age (1645-1715), normal sunspots and low amplitude (weak sunspots of longer duration) occurring in the shallow dip in between successive Wolf- Gleissberg cycles. The later ones also induce cooling of the air and sea surface temperatures. The key in understanding the cause and effect of those types of solar cycles lies in the fact that those low amplitude intermediate cycles rotate faster than the normal ones thus . Hoyt and Schatten (1997) argue that any change in solar rotation rate is a very persuasive indicator that the deeper levels of convection are varying, and hence there is a corresponding variation in solar luminosity and irradiance. Also there has been evidence of change of the daily equatorial rates and cycle length at the maximum of the last Solar Wolf-Gleissberg cycle around cycle 19.
    Climate fluctuations are known from, sharp rises or falls of lakes levels, temperature anomalies, change in the general wind circulation and drought s and flood- Hazards. Yousef (1995a) predicted the downturn of solar activity in 1997 with the start of weak low amplitude fast rotation and longer duration sunspot cycle 23. This is evidently confirmed by the sharp rise of Lake Victoria level in 1997-98. Lean (2001) is also seeing a drop in the solar irradiance which might be the start of a longer term drop. Since that is the case, then 1997 is a year of climate fluctuation and a drop of global earth air and sea temperature is predicted soon similar to that happened during similar circumstances around 1800 and 1900, with increased El Nino and La Nina frequencies leading to wide spread flood -drought hazards and God knows best.
    The Dalton solar minimum covers solar cycles 11 to 13. The Wolf-Gleissberg cycle covers cycles 14 to 16. The period 17 to 19 is of the more normal solar output, Cycle 20 is a single abnormal AMP event affected cycle. Cycles 21 to 23 are high output cycles which give rise to the Global Warming political psychosis we are now experiencing.
    Cycles 24 and 25 are the two cycle Solar Minimum we are now suffering under. Cycles 26 to 28 is another periodic Solar Wolf-Gleissberg cycle.
    Geoff Sharp’s paper on Jovian Gas Giants moderating the Sun’s output is key to understanding how the Sun rotational speed varies by increasing and slowing dependent on the type of orbit the Sun has around the Solar System BarryCentre, and its phase and or its point in that orbital cycle.
    From what I have read Wolf-Gleissberg cycles immediately follow an AMP event solar minimum, which suggests to me that the Jovian Gas Giants continues to moderate the Sun output for the complete orbital cycle rather than just prior and during a Solar Minimum.

  3. It was only a matter of when something inconvenient like this would be produced to puncture their claims.

  4. Obama demands an end to people paying “lip service” to natural beauty and the climate crisis, by paying “lip service” to natural beauty and the (perceived) climate crisis. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

    “Climate change [is] no longer a threat,…” – Barack Obama said Saturday as he inconvenienced hundreds of vacationers and tourists by helicoptering into Yosemite National Park for yet another hypocrisy laden clamor-for-attention publicity-stunt desperate-legacy-securing-attempt. It really is all about Him.
    heh, heh, heh, we already knew that climate change is a reality, as change is integral to the definition of climate. But the change you speak of, Mr. Obama, may not be the change that will happen in the near or longer term!

    Oblivious to the real issues and causes regarding his complaints, the Lame Duck warned on Saturday that climate change could ravage many of America’s vaunted national parks, criticizing political opponents who “pay lip service” to areas of natural beauty while opposing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    During a visit to Yosemite national park, Obama said climate change was “no longer a threat, it’s a reality”. The first sitting president to visit Yosemite since John F Kennedy in 1962 said the famed glacial valley was already experiencing changes due to rising temperatures.

    “Here in Yosemite, meadows are drying up, bird ranges are shifting farther northward, mammals are being forced further upslope,” Obama said. “Yosemite’s famous glacier, once a mile wide, is almost gone. We are also facing longer, more expensive wildfire seasons.”

    Obama’s visit to Yosemite via helicopter caused major congestion in a park already heaving with summer visitors. Yosemite advised people to enter the park either before 8am or after 6pm to avoid the worst of the disruption. All parking, trails and climbing routes in the Lower Yosemite Falls area were shut down to allow Obama, wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia to do some hiking.

  5. Great photo! Puts the lie to the official story better than any article could. One photo=1000 words. More, really.

    Meanwhile, the ice age is causing heat deaths in Arizona. And those high temps may well be filthy lies! I lived a long while in Las Vegas, and I can remember one summer when the official temp reached 115, but my neighbor’s thermometer read 125!

    I never saw the official temp go over 115, which is where it supposedly is right now! Anything higher would scare the tourists off. You don’t hear about all the deaths there, either.

    Why do we have a tendency to elect liars to office? And we’re about to do it again.

  6. Some people seem to think there were no floods, no heatwaves, no cold snaps, no blizzards, and no hurricanes, or really no extreme weather at all in the past.

  7. I get so tired of you people using facts and logic! Don’t you know you cause the liberals to go into convulsions, rush to the phone to call other libs, and seek intervention? Have you no compassion at all???

    • Gullible Warmist Convulsions, Yea!
      One can hope they become terminal and remove a few of the carpet baggers, so that Science can return to being Science, instead of being a dog and pony side show for a bunch Government slush funded Ologists on a par with Alchemy.
      However, it will take tens of years to remove the bogus AGW rubbish from the so called peer reviewed science record. Yes, there has been some good work in that pile of horse excreta but it’s all prefaced with the Global Warming claptrap and will need rewriting to take the cyclic variability of our Star into account.

  8. Its not a matter of wheter there has been flood, or bad flood or no floods in the past, the only thing that mattes is how frequent they are.

    If they are indeed more frequent, there must be a reason, wheter that reason is human made or not, i dont have the knowledge to say.

    But if for one wont dismiss climate change (human made or not).

    Fact of the matter is we are a messy species, who destroys vast amounts of nature, and it would become us to do less so, even if it has nothing do do with climate change (if it truly hasnt), and on the odd chance, it does have something to do with it…why risk it.

    Do we risk it cause we hate a politician who claims it does, or cause we would rather worship mammon.

  9. climTw change is such a tricky topic. The earths climate is multifaceted, complex and delicate. Climate change is the same. It’s easy to believe both sides of the argument. I believe it’s important for all of us to really get to know the issue well before we make any simplistic arguments either for or against. It’s a complex science yet many of us think we can just compare two photos to prove it wrong? I have to say even I ( a skeptic) thinks that this is a little uneducated and misguided. Probably more of an attack on liberals than an intelligent debate about a controversial issue. Polarisation rears its head again!

    • What is controversial is the wholesale destruction of historical climate US data sets, after digitisation and homogenisation by US Civil Servants who are biased towards the AGW premise of climate change.
      These are then used as the base figures for the majority of Global Warming research, which started after the cool sun period during SC20, at the same time propagandising three whole generations of children with a Green Anarchist view point on the world, to hate technology, any development, the notion of profit, and turn them into NIMBYs, with their hands held out for more subsistence. True consumer slaves of the modern world.
      Modern Metrological records started in the mid 1800s well after the climate effects of the last Solar Minimum (Dalton) had dissipated from the climate record and the Ice advances in the Alpine and Artic regions has started to slowly recede, as they have done over the last 140 years.
      Empirical records comparison is a vital part of the reply to the IPCC and the Democrat Gullible Warmists, who are carrying out a hate campaign against any Carbon Energy production, and are using AGW, now shorthand called Climate Change, for political ends towards a UN world government on a Socialist agenda. Socialism only works when you are spending other people’s money and then not paying up when the bill comes in.

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