11 Saskatchewan communities break decades-old cold records

Previous cold records for two cities were set in the 1890s – but only warm records get the limelight.

1 Apr 2018 – On Friday, Meadow Lake, Melfort, Nipawin, Prince Albert, Watrous East and Wynyard set new cold records.

Prince Albert set its lowest record cold at -33.1 C, breaking a record set of -32.8 C in 1890.

On Saturday, Assiniboia, Kindersley, Moose Jaw, Rosetown and Weyburn broke former records as well, with temperatures hovering around the -20 C range.

Moose Jaw also broke a more than century-old record, set in 1899. The temperature at that time was recorded at -22.2 C, while the new record is set at -23.1 C.


Thanks to John Topal for this link

“If it’s cold in the south you can bet it’s much colder in the north,” says John. “Old cold records beaten silly not much news about it as usual only warm records get the limelight.”

8 thoughts on “11 Saskatchewan communities break decades-old cold records”

  1. There is still a lot of snow in Russia – IA “Meteonovosti”

    Since today the snow coverture, the surface of the earth has been freed only in the southern regions of European territory (with the exception of foothill areas), in the lower reaches of the Volga and the Don, in the Chernozem region, in a number of central regions (including Moscow), and also in the extreme south of Siberia , The Amur Region and Primorye.

    The rest of the territory is still snowing.

    The height of more than a meter drifts are preserved in the lower reaches of the Yenisei and the continental regions of the Magadan Region.

    And the highest snowdrifts remain in the central part of the Kamchatka Territory, up to 190 cm.

    • Thats cold….I worked for a year 1000+ miles north of there(72nd parallel) and it never even came close to that, I dont recall it even going below -40. Of course there, winter is 10 months where as its ONLY 6-7 months in Sask.

  2. Cold start to April delays crops (Midwest)

    “April’s cold start in Missouri has limited fieldwork and delayed planting for farmers and gardeners.

    The persistent cold “was nothing short of amazing,” said University of Missouri Extension climatologist Pat Guinan.

    Many parts of the state, especially the northern half, averaged more than 15 degrees below normal for the first 10 days of April. Some locations experienced below-freezing minimum temperatures for nine or 10 consecutive days. For many communities, including Columbia, it will likely rank as the coldest first 10 days of April on record. Records date back to 1895.”


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