12 to 18 inches of snow for Wyoming – Blizzard warning in effect

Very strong winter storm. Blizzard conditions expected along I-80 east of Rock Springs… over South Pass and in the Jeffrey City… Sweetwater Station area later tonight through Thursday.


The National Weather Service in Riverton has issued a Blizzard
Warning… from 11 PM this evening to 11 AM Friday.

Snow will develop tonight…and may become heavy at times from the predawn hours Thursday through early Thursday evening. Snow will continue into Friday morning before tapering off to flurries.

SNOWFALL…12 to 18 inches.

Travel may become nearly impossible due to the heavy snow…very strong wind and near zero visibility at times.

Winds will start to decrease later Thursday night into Friday morning.

Storm will then head east toward the Plains and upper Midwest.

National Weather Service Riverton WY

Heavy snow and strong wind impact much of Central and Southern
Wyoming as early as this evening through mid day Friday…

A very strong winter storm is expected to move into Southern
Wyoming tonight and stall out during the day before slowly winding
down and shifting east of the area later Friday. The heaviest snow
for most areas will be later tonight through Thursday. This storm
system will also be accompanied by strong winds in many areas.

Green Mountains and Rattlesnake Range-Including the city of Jeffrey City


Map of Forecast Area

See United States map as to where the storm will head next. Includes complete list of warnings from the Rockies thru the Midwest:

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6 thoughts on “12 to 18 inches of snow for Wyoming – Blizzard warning in effect”

  1. So much snow has fallen around Lake Tahoe that they’re planning on staying open until July 4th for skiing:
    The season isn’t even close to being over. In past high snowfall years, March was also known for big snow events. Could they stay open through the entire month of July? South Australia has seen snow at their ski resorts during the peak of their summer—what if the same thing happens here this year? Could it happen?

    • Summer snow does happen occasionally. I was stsying in a small town at around 3000ft above sea level in the Austrian Alps in 1981 when 30cm of snow fell overnight down to the valleys, with huge impacts on the sheep grazing on the alms higher up.

      This is not a new event, it is just not a very common event.

    • err slight correction;-)
      the southeast of Aus, specifically the state of Victoria had dusting of snow.
      south aus which is actually a state of aus only has one decent range of hills in the area snow sometimes falls
      Mt Lofty ranges
      though rarely it will hit on the lower Flinders ranges in that states mid north sector, in winter when it can get bloody cold there though usually dry and nasty cold.

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