12 Of 14 Infected with Covid-19 Recover at Oregon Veteran’s Home

The other 137 people who live at the facility have tested negative for the virus.

20 Mar 2020 – At the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home for senior veterans in Lebanon, Oregon, 13 residents and one caretaker have tested positive for the virus. The first two were diagnosed March 11.

Twelve of the 14 are doing well, with one showing no symptoms anymore. It also looks like the virus isn’t transmitting as easily as we were led to believe, with 137 people who live and work at the facility testing negative. All of the residents have been tested.

FOX 12 reports:

It’s been just over a week since the Oregon Veteran’s Home in Lebanon reported its first case of COVID-19.

On Thursday, the doctor treating all 14 people, Rob Richardson, said 12 of them are doing well, and that the very first patient to test positive doesn’t have symptoms anymore.
“If you ask me, after we go 21 days and everybody is afebrile (free from fever), I’ll know we’re ok, until that point, I still am sleepless at night worrying about these vets.”

Keep in mind that all of the residents are over the age of 65, in the most susceptible age group, and apparently all of them have other health complications.

The Oregonian adds:

The patients range in age from 65 to over 100, Richardson said. The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which owns the home, has said that half of them are over 90 years old.

All of the patients have underlying conditions, Richardson said.


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4 thoughts on “12 Of 14 Infected with Covid-19 Recover at Oregon Veteran’s Home”

  1. Thanks for that info. Seems today, the msm only wants to pass out negative info. This post confirms what I’ve thought all along. Another overhyped crisis.

  2. The UK Daily Mail posted that a 58 year old woman had died from the virus. A bit worrying for those of us that age BUT then it says it is not known if she had anything that might have contributed to her death. Brilliant! Why the f*ck print stuff like that without knowing the whole story, I mean that is only allowed for global warming isn’t it?

    When it comes to numbers governments will do what is in their best interests. An interesting story from the salmonella in eggs scare of years back – something else supposed to wipe us out according to many of the same ‘experts’ – was why was the Dutch flock showing much lower levels of infection? Simple – they had an important egg industry to protect.

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