160,000 households without electricity in south-central Italy

110 passengers trapped for 15 hours on train from Rome to Avezzano.

  • Two and a half meters of snow in the hinterland of Urbino.
  • Minus 24 degrees in Livigno.
  • Snowing again in Bologna, where schools remain closed.
  • Snowing in Naples.
  • Hundreds trapped overnight in a tunnel in Rome.
  • Army called out in Bologna, Venice, L’Aquila and the Marches.

“This is the situation in Italy,” says Italian reader Mirco Poletto. “8 deaths, 160,000 households without electricity in south-central peninsula and broken water pipes due to frost in Genoa. Forecasts indicate that the frost will go on at least for a week. Frost trapped 110 passengers for 15 hours on the train Roma-Avezzano.

According to this article on corriere.it

A woman of 46 years is dead in the province of Avellino crushed after a greenhouse collapsed under the weight of snow. A man of 62 years died crushed by a collapsed barn Saturday afternoon in Frosinone under the weight of snow.

CHAOS – Hundreds trapped overnight in a tunnel in Rome
Hundreds of people spent the night on board buses and cars in a tunnel, stuck outside a tunnel on the motorway A24, not far from the exit of Tagliacozzo (L’Aquila).

Hardships reported across motorway network.

  • It snows also on ‘A 14 between Lancaster and Giulianova.
  • A heavy snowstorm on the Rolling Highway 1 between San Vittore Caianello … closed during the night because of a falling power line cable station.
  • Snow between Rioveggio and Valdichiana.
  • On the A 12 is closed north of the barrier Aurelia ice.
  • Closed to traffic including the stretch of Tuscan and Bolognese ‘E 45.
  • Cold and snow in Sardinia.
  • A Macon and Bitti in the early hours of the morning has begun to snow and temperatures are anywhere near zero.
  • Most schools closed in Nuoro.

Due to heavy snowfall many prefectures have requested the intervention of Army personnel and equipment in Bologna, Venice, L’Aquila and the Marches.

Two and a half meters of snow in the hinterland of Urbino, where firefighters have received requests for help for people on dialysis who can not reach the hospital. Isolated fractions, power cuts, supplies of heating oil from nearly depleted, the animals remained stable without food: in the Montefeltro

Snowing in Naples
Snow fell in the hilly areas of Naples, in particular to Camaldoli. Several cars parked on which is formed a white blanket.

Great fear for the 300 passengers of the ferry Tirrenia “Sharden” departed from Civitavecchia to Olbia. The ship slammed against the dock causing a gap of thirty meters. Passengers and crew were rescued and the ship placed in safety. Many on board feared another tragedy similar to the Costa Concordia.

Here’s the link:
http://www.corriere.it/cronache/12_febbraio_04/neve-ghiaccio-sabato_038aabbe-4ef9-11e1-be5 e-e51bc42d9d61.shtml

Thanks to Mirco Poletto for this link

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    • “IDIOTS INDEED!!!Wonder what Spring and Summer will look like, for the USA and Europe? I think the USA will have a cooler than average spring and summer and possibly lead us into a colder winter for 2012-2013 in both regions!

      • I had actually thought of that too. It will be interesting to see what happens over the summer months but will be even more interesting to hear what other nonsense will they think of in favor of global warming …

      • I would agree there – most probably. That’s usually the case after a strong La Nina summer last year and now a milder winter in the lower 48 – it usually means a colder pattern the rest of the year and should lead to a much colder winter in this neck of the woods again for 2012/13. Joe Bastardi (long range expert) hinted on a colder winter expected in 2012/13 back in 2010. It usually balances out.

  1. now when all the snow melts…we will get the flood stories. so much funding wasted on solar and wind, while ignoring real infrastructure issues. seems to be the same world wide thanks to the warmist agenda!
    the whole damn planets idiot governments fell for the ‘its never going to snow or rain again routine…
    now all the destruction worldwide and the repairs etc, yet the IMF wants another GLOBAL TAX to spend as it pleases supposedly for 3rd world development etc.
    can’t see many nations falling for this new con right now.

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