4 thoughts on “CO2 and Crops”

  1. Friday May 8, 2015, with video: Significant snow fell in China at the beginning of the summer season. Some areas have not been spared.
    Heavy snowfall has hit the north-western China in Qinghai Province on Wednesday on the first day of summer, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. In the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the city of Xining, snow fell heavily, bringing the temperature to zero degrees Celsius.
    The snow also disrupted local traffic. A car was hit by a truck and it fell from a bridge in the city of Xining. No casualties have yet been reported.
    The local meteorological department said the snowfall was rare at this time of the year. It is mainly due to cold continuously throughout the season.

  2. Australia, MAY 08, 2015 with video:
    AN arctic blast has dumped heavy snow across parts of the country with locals sharing the spectacle on social media.
    Tasmania, Victora and New South Wales all recorded snow yesterday and overnight as a strong cold front moved in from the south west.
    Dozens of roads and a number of schools were closed in southern Tasmania after 30cm of snow fell in some areas.
    The maximum temperature in Hobart yesterday was a chilly 9.2C, reached at 2pm, while on Mt Wellington the temperature did not get above zero.

  3. A politician is by definition exaggerates the positive nature of his or her candidature, normally, a failed business leader, lawyer, accountant, or government employee who has reached their highest level of mediocrity and pay grade, into the bargain, a liar, a self publist, lollypop stealer, and back stabber.
    With such qualities they rise to become leaders of countries, and appointees to bodies like the IPCC, who we all know is such a bastion of truth and goodness for all mankind.
    You get what you pay for; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. You award AGW research grants, you get great meaningless Ologists papers supporting AGW until the Sun drops a gear into a Solar Minimum, and Brass Monkey weather causes Hell to Freeze over.
    When the IPCC stops barking up the wrong Carbon tree, at that point the world will realise they haven’t got sufficient coal mines, oil wells, reactors, fuel reserves, grain stores, etc, etc to go round, unless you live between 35 degrees Lat. North and South. Even then the weather will be not as pleasent as it could be, at least you havnt got frostbite and you can grow food outside.

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