Fatal avalanche buries houses in Svalbard – Video

Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s only town of any size, is currently enduring “the most violent storm at Svalbard in the past 30 years.”

18 Dec 2015 – The “apocalyptical snow storm” with hurricane-strong winds triggered a large avalanche that swallowed cars and buried about 10 houses, killing one person and injuring nine others.

Mostly two-story wooden houses, some of the damaged buildings were dragged several meters by the large avalanche at Mount Sukkertoppen.

Sprinkled with more polar bears than people, Norway’s Arctic Svalbard archipelago is the end of the world as we know it.



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11 thoughts on “Fatal avalanche buries houses in Svalbard – Video”

  1. svaalbard..the place the picked to store the worlds rare/heritage seeds
    I wondered at the time what’d happen if it iced over..
    not funny if it does.
    damn stupid place to put it…and ALL seeds in one place
    how dumb is that.
    eggs n baskets etc

    • Very, very dumb. Fortunately many people have their own supply of properly packed heritage seeds, just in case.

      • I wouldn’t worry too much ,those seeds are probably safer than us, froze & dry in a climate controlled room below the permafrost. I just decided to quit my little vegetable farm this year, the weekend UV has drastically reduced production to the point ,it’s no where worth my time. Slow growth due to cold nights, cool days,dampness often til noon or after just rots or black spots the fruit and is unsaleable. Heirloom varieties will not work better as they usually require more food,longer season and are much more disease prone ,for less production.I will be growing a more productive commercial type shorter day Hybrid and I will be greenhousing each plant in the ground as soon as possible because earlier roots mean earlier fruits. Three years ago I was taking photographs of my produce that looked like the cover on the seed Catalogues. 50 years of gardening and I’m almost done in by the amp drop we should probably be calling a tipping point. I do believe food production is already in decline, so is the flavor.

  2. Kazachstan, December 21, 2015. A resident of Akmola region who was lost in a snowstorm on a snowmobile, is found dead in the desert, reported Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency in the Department of Internal Affairs of the region.
    “During the search, 17 kilometers from the village of Petrovka Astrakhan region the body was found of a man born in 1969. The man left the hunting farm on a snowmobile in a blizzard and disappeared December 18” – was told by the DVD.
    According to police, the body was without any visible signs of violent death and sent to the morgue, where an expert was appointed.
    In addition, it is reported that the missing shepherd had been found alive.
    “The second missing herdsman of Atbasar district, who left the horses on December 17, was found alive” – he added.

  3. December 21, 2015. In the north of Kamchatka blizzard rages.
    December 22 cyclone will continue to have an impact on several areas of the Kamchatka region, the press service of the regional emergency department. According to the Kamchatka Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, night and day in Olyutorskii, Karaginsky Penzhina and municipalities, as well as on the slopes Ossora – Karaga, Tilichiki – Korf, Kamenskoe – Manila when strong wind up to 15 m / s will remain a snowstorm. General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia for Kamchatka region encourages the residents of these areas to limit travel outside populated areas. Tourist groups and hunters advised to take precautions and wait out bad weather in the settlements.

  4. Russia: Irkutsk region is getting cold. December 21, 2015:
    Regional Hydrometeorological Center reported that on 22 December to the field places will be moderate snow, the speed of the north-west wind will be 5-10 m / s.
    The temperature at night drops to 17-22 degrees below zero, in clarifying – to minus 27-32 degrees. In extreme northern areas will become cold to 36 degrees below zero. Daytime temperatures will be around minus 17 degrees.
    With the environment in the region will be even colder. At night, December 23 thermometers will show minus 24-29 degrees Celsius, in some areas in clarifying to minus 35-40 degrees. Day will be 20-25 degrees below zero. 24 December colder on average an additional two degrees.

  5. What happened to those predictions 15 years ago (by “Whiner” and Gore) that we’ll never see snow again by now???
    Lesson learned yet?

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