Global Warming is B—S— says sign on ute

Global Warming is B—S— says sign on ute

This message was spotted on the back of a ute in Auckland, NZ.

Thanks to Bob Donley in New Zealand for this photo.


Bob called me this morning from New Zealand – yes, from New Zealand – and reminded me that he had sent this photo to me several years ago, long before Donald Trump used the same words.

7 thoughts on “Global Warming is B—S— says sign on ute

  1. Good for that car-owner! I wonder if he’s been repatriated since then, being far too enlightened for that country.

    • You must have an unusual definition of “enlightened” then.
      Good old NZ is a paradise and more enlightened than most other countries that I have traveled to.

  2. I love it! Wish I could do the same … but where I work I’d likely get fired for openly saying such a thing.

    Unfortunately most of the people I know who voted for Obama are now getting ready to support Hillary or Bernie, and are oh so excited about getting yet another socialist/commie in place.

  3. The US weather this winter will play ball as well. Western Europe might start catching up in the cold stakes. All we need now are frost fairs on the major rivers in Europe.
    The MSM flood gates will then open regarding bad weather during Solar Minimums and the sequence of cold periods experienced over the last 1500 years.
    But for the solar minimum during AD600 the Anglo Saxon genetic line would still be in Russia! Instead they migrated westwards forced by the abject winter cold and lack of grazing, towards the west and the British Isles, populating the Baltic coast line as they went, and the rest is history as written.

  4. Increase In Activity, Strombolian Explosions, Pyroclastic Flows Reported At Guatemala`s Fuego Volcano

    freak? likely a ‘geo-engineered’ event..

    Freak Storm Pushes North Pole 50 Degrees Above Normal To Melting Point

  5. That’s it then – the jig is up.

    What possible argument could the alarmists mount against such classic evidence – and on the back of a ute to boot ?

    It’s New Year here – but as with all things time we are 2 hours behind NZ.

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