Sacrificing slaves to appease the gods

“It’s readily apparent to even a novice archaeologist that seas will rise, as they have, simply by looking at past ruins in the Mediterranean that are now under water.” – H.B. Schmidt

Sacrificing slaves to appease the gods

By H. B. Schmidt

We humans have a large amount of arrogance that needs to be checked when it comes to our planet – and not just from land-use of natural resources or monoculture practices.

It is the belief that things, from the weather to sea level to climate to most anything, should remain static or be bent to our will rather than what it’s going to do anyway.

Sea levels will rise and fall just like they always have; glaciers and ice sheets will grow and recede just like they always have.

It has only been in the last couple hundred years that humanity has been operating under the presumption that oceans will always exist where they do now, and so we’ve built great cities right up to the very edge of the water, just like in Miami Beach.

But it’s readily apparent to even a novice archaeologist that seas will rise, as they have, simply by looking at past ruins in the Mediterranean that are now under water. Those cities were built out of stone, too.

I wonder whether their populace whined about the changing seas and tried sacrificing slaves to appease the gods in the false hope that doing so will halt the inevitable. We’re doing the same thing, in the form of taxes and endless hysterical rhetoric, yet still believe that an alternative outcome is possible.

It’s not. Let the ice age come. People will have to adapt and learn to be resourceful and work with the planet, not against it.

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  1. The problem with the climate is political and the control that sealing this belief would give those that want it. Yet the bigger problem is science itself. There was a time when science was “the art of seeking the truth,” if you will. After observation and pondering, theories would be set forth as “possibilities” and then there would be incredible efforts to disprove the theory. Today science postulates what it believes to be a truth and then searches for “proof,’ never looking to disprove it. It is believed, because it is mathematically sound, that it “MUST” predict and dictate the real world. It doesn’t, but scientists no longer look to disprove what they think, and they look the other way when something tends to disprove it, refining their first thoughts to get past that minor inconvenience. And then they will raise the cost and double down on their efforts to prove what they believed in the first place.

    Gravity can’t quite seem to hold the galaxy together? It must be “dark matter,” something we can’t observe with our 5 senses, and say “see, with this in the equation, it works just fine, thus the whole theory is still sound,” even though what they did was change what they said in the first place. Never disbelieve the math, it has to be right because the equations are, thus what we thought was reality wasn’t but it is now after we changed it.

    If we went back to accepting theories as disproved, period, when something falsifies it, and restart, we might be further ahead than we are now, and we wouldn’t be accepting thoroughly discredited “science,” such as what passes for “climate science” these days, and basing life changing policies on it.

    • Yes, theories with no proof at all should fall by the wayside til they get some ,not have more fairy tales made up to passify the masses for 100 years. It’s too bad Nasa has to be told by private scientists what will happen in their experiments and then when it happens Nasa has to scratch their heads and say OH we’re back to the drawing board . I guess that’s what money and corrupt run governments do. Ialso think we probably should have stepped on the moon around 2500 bc, but something happened at the end of the Archaic period ,about 3000 bc , with other events til around 400 ad. We now know comets are made of us, not us made of comets, and their not very old. I have seen our own ohm symbols on schematics and electrical blueprints that were carved on cave walls and by the thousands and re-created in plasma experiments in labs. I have been reading about the E.U. theory for only about 4 yrs. now , and the more clues of this I see now and then in everyday life makes me think that all this has been hidden,covered up and people with any other opinion are shunned ,ruined somehow or decapitated . Sound familiar? I say GO to I know I’ve had it with funding a 2000 year old bloodbath over who seen the best Plasma event in the sky- how bout you? In 2006 I was doing some American Indian art in ceramic tile on my basement walls, like dancing men with stars in between. Five years later ,found out these were called Squattermen, but their actually Plasma symbols.

    • You are so right TomO, that it is “science” which has failed us. Science has become a political tool, afraid to question mother earth, afraid to rethink its own buIIshil. Science has thrown away all its credibility. Their defeat is so bad it will take a century of doing good science to regain any credibility with the people.

  2. While I agree with the premise of rise and fall of the oceans over an Ice age cycle, I disagree with the argument that the oceans will continue to rise in terms of yards or meters rather than fractions of inches or a few tens of MM until the Holocene ends.
    The oceans reach their current peak at the end of the second Holocene Warm period some 8 thousand years ago.
    Since that time they have been falling gradually over time as each major solar cycle completes and the two ice caps recover to the point where the ice tipping point is reached and the next major ice advance starts, possibly within the next millennium.

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