Canadian bridge splits due to extreme cold

A northern Ontario bridge has been closed indefinitely, police said on Sunday.

“The newly built Nipigon River Bridge is on the Trans Canada Highway (the only road between western and eastern Canada in that part of the country),” says reader Terry Homeniuk. “The only way around is to go through the States between Sault Ste. Marie and Winnipeg.”

The Damaged Nipigon River Bridge, 10 Jan 2016 -Courtesy Ontario Provincial Police
The Damaged Nipigon River Bridge, 10 Jan 2016 -Courtesy Ontario Provincial Police

“My first thought was, Canada is cut in half,” Nipigon, Ontario, Mayor Richard Harvey told online news site TB News Watch. “My second thought was, how can we get traffic moving as quickly as possible again?”

Community centers have been opened for stranded travelers.

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6 thoughts on “Canadian bridge splits due to extreme cold”

  1. Must be another mishap based on the engineering assumptions that used projected AGW weather patterns and temperature trending, so, no need to worry about spending more money on design to compensate for the bridge components expanding and contracting beyond the assumed limits . Sadly there will be many more complex systems that fail due to insufficient margins based on incorrect assumptions/inputs thanks to all the hyperbole of AGW….LOL

  2. ?? it just looks like expansion joints expanded..what exactly is supposed to be “split”?
    our older aussie rail lines buckled rarely
    the new rail lines were welded joints and when it gets really hot..theres no room for expansion. and trains get halted if not derailed
    some hitech is NOT so smart after all
    besides the old clicketty clack of the train over the old rails was soothing

    • I agree. Upon initial appearance the metal suspension cables have contracted and thus lifted the deck at the expansion joint. The longest lines have contracted the most and the shortest ones the least, hence the progressive up-curvature of the deck at this end but it’s difficult to tell from one photo.
      Reports say that they are still allowing single lines of traffic over, albeit rather slowly.
      Whatever the fault some turkey will blame climate change.

  3. Dumb Liberals allowed a Spanish firm to build the bridge.
    What do the Spaniards know about Canadian winters.
    And they sourced their parts from China.

  4. Looking at the picture I have the impression that the cold caused the cables to contract and pulled the ends of the bridge up.
    If we go into any kind of an ice age how many other suspension bridges will have the same problem?

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