Snotty Katie Couric Interviews Cruz on Climate Change – Video

See if you agree that she’s being snotty.

Do all those scientists and the Pope have it wrong? asks Couric.

“Satellite data show that for the last 17 years there has been no significant recorded warming,” Cruz calmly answers. “None.”

It’as a partisan agenda, Cruz insists. The solution is always “more government control of the environment, of the economy, of energy, and our lives.”

(Until watching this, I didn’t know that both of his Cruz’s parents were scientists.)

48 thoughts on “Snotty Katie Couric Interviews Cruz on Climate Change – Video”

  1. I’m not going to take science advice from a guy who believes that 2000 years ago, a man was crucified and then rose from the dead three days later.

    • I wouldn’t take it from scientists preaching about CAGW so the government will keep the fat paychecks coming either. Just keep looking at weather trends. Also, Cruz went to reputable scientists to get their advice. He is not making his stuff up.

    • How about advice from the men who settled Greenland (a thousand years ago)or the man who rowed up to an ice free shore of Antarctica in a wooden boat (100 years ago)?

    • ***NEWS FLASH***
      Science And Religion Are Two Separate And Distinct Ideas

      Sophia seems to be conflating Science with Religion. They are not interlinked so tightly. That is why we have freedom of Religious belief, just as you are free to believe that “scientifically” all matter and time itself somehow magically appeared out of absolute nothingness.

      Are you as snotty as Katy?
      When it comes to science, Ted Cruz knows what he is talking about. All I can suggest is that you try to delve a little deeper, and realize the fallacy of your own suggestion above. His religious belief is not in play here. Skepticism is healthy up to a point:
      Nihilism, the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

    • The main stream media usually goes with the flow as far as religion is concerned, in tacitly presenting it as passe and not relevant–unless it supports their agenda.

      • Authoritorian science, or population control though lies, which = Genocidal Maniacs through poverty & starvation& wars. We should call it what it is, and the only science in them is Alinsky model nazi-ism.

    • its NOT SCIENCE..its the agw case(not going into the popes area) you have to trust them..and believe in the Goracles tale.

  2. Ted Cruz is clearly strong on the climate issue, understanding the science and seeing the AGW power grab exactly for what it is.

  3. I think Cruz is essentially right, but another factor that doesn’t get mentioned in this context is that there is an impending major economic meltdown looming, if not already here. The central banks and the financial sector has been “kicking the can” a little further down the road for years, that is they have been taking heroic measures to prop up the debt ridden financial status quo for years, and postponing an inevitable major correction that has to happen before the economy can go forward. All of the bad debt, and there’s more every year, if not every day, has to be written off and shaken out of the economy before a new growth cycle of growth and prosperity can begin. The longer this correction is delayed, the worse the shaking out process is going to be. Taking extreme measures in the name of climate change could provide a convenient excuse for all the failed policies of the financial sector. But it may already be too late. Plummeting crude oil prices and the stock market’s failure to surpass it’s highs of last year do not bode well for the economy at all. So I would expect the “climate change” rhetoric to heat up even more, if for no other reason than to distract the public from the real causes and issues, and culprits of the day. And anything the mainstream media says about climate change should be taken with a dose of Mucinex.

    • There is evidence that suggests by 2022 no one can doubt any longer that we are plunging to a very cold period, with massive crop failures above 45 degrees north. In fact, winters will be brutally cold starting in 2018 as the Atlantic Ocean Multi-decadal Oscillation will have really settled into its cold phase.

      Is this prediction correct? The good news is that we will know in a relatively short time. The bad news is that there really is evidence of multiple ocean and solar cycles converging in the same period. That convergence should at least cause a mini-iceage. Financial collapse world-wide will be the least of a bunch of problems by 2030.

    • A key point to consider is that the “developed” countries are expected to provide $200 Billion per year, yet are all in profound debt. China was funding US debt. but their “contraction” has them now doing deficit spending and their debt has risen to high levels. So from whom would the USA borrow our $100 Billion to give to the UN? China doesn’t have it. The EU doesn’t have it. With oil in the dumper, even Saudi is borrowing, so they don’t have it.

      The Debt Ponzi is reaching a hard limit.

    • 🙂 ah an informed are naughty:-) the dumbing down didnt work on you..tsk tsk
      yup youre IN a depression really, its just the medias spin and bansters bullshit hiding it from the majority who really do NOT want to know anyway
      the job figures/inventory UNsold/ manufacturing almost halted/the upcoming massive defaults on car n student debts..they swapped from unrepayable mortgages to carloans t prop up GM and ford etc
      though the derivatives scams re homes are still ongoing.
      oilgas prices at near alltime now usa starts exporting?
      storages full, boats full idling offshore with no buyers n nowhere to go
      baltic dry index is crashing..
      its got a lot more ugly to hit the fan does EU
      Chinas copping flack, BUT theyre removing the USD as the only oil trade methods by the deals with russia the brics group their own international bank many not of BRICs have also joined (aus included)
      they murdered Gaddafi becase he wanted to trade oil for gold not usd$
      hence the china seas etc aggro presently
      now in EU many spots theyre paying NEG interest on savings
      it COSTS YOU to have savings in a bank.. yup
      and trying to get savings or even superfunds money OUT..has proven interestingly hard for some fund managers.
      the bail IN using YOUR money is on the cards as the did to greece and others.
      the billions spent on soteros holidays and greentards dumb ideas is just another insult to taxpayers.
      its why the gun removal push is full on
      an armed populace CAN fight back when they start stealing blatantly instead of sneaky via taxes n fees for use etc..and they DO plan to do that..theyre in deep sh*t
      Auditing the fed and clearing ALL banksters out making it govt run would be a good start.(as assinine n corrupt as many in govt are..theyd be accountable)
      Chinas got problems BUT their banks are govt controlled..they print fiat..they dont pay banksters interest they can just create.
      not ideal but a big improvement on what you guys have running now.

  4. I totally agree with ted Cruz. Energy prices, gas prices and prices for grocery’s are outrageously high esp in california. They trying to run our lives. I’m willing to get out of california to get away from these stupid high prices and the high cost of living. California is now becoming a more unhappy place to live now because of it. It’s not like the california i grew up in and enjoyed.

    • If the Democrats destroy the economy(with things like making electricity rates skyrocket), it certainly will not help their sources of funding. Funny how that works. 😉

  5. Cruz was brilliant, IMO. She tried to get him labeled as a denier. She wanted a sound byte, likely, of him calling the Pope as being wrong. Cruz stuck to the facts and the data points. Another thing I note, that all the alarmist media folks do not know what they are talking about and not qualified to ask meaningful questions? How do I know? They all parrot that magical mantra: 97%. (Polly wanna cracker?)

  6. Note that Katie Couric is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has promoted the whole “sustainable development” agenda since the beginning.

  7. The problem with the media on the left is they surrendered their right to think for themselves and assemble the facts and test them. In a rush to be first on a topic, they leap with the accepted talking points of their liberal leaders, who by the way, aren’t well armed with the facts either.
    And yes, she was smug, but this is the usual tactic the media uses against those that don’t agree with them.

  8. good man! At least he knows the truth of it. I find it incredible that so called good reporters use the “97% of scientists…” when a simple check would show them that it’s completely bogus.

    • Reporters know, they lie willingly about it. Their religion allows them to lie to accomplish their goals (I mean progressivists), so they think they have a moral basis for doing it. Journalists have always been dodgy, but those from the last 40 years are a special kind of despicable. Just the term is enough to discredit them as human beings.

    • Katie has always been a sweetie pie. She didn’t seem that rude in this video, however, she did seem very determined to get her set of talking points out at first, before allowing Cruz to speak. Did she really want to know what Cruz thought about the issue, or did she want to present the elitist/globalist agenda and effectively torpedo anything Cruz would say? Dragging the Pope’s encyclical about climate change into it was a laugh: “Well, gee, the even POPE says….”

      My guess is that Katie was doing what she knew that she had to do in order to keep her job. It’s the same with many of these “journalists,” basically talking heads with pretty and handsome faces; they present what they are told to present. While some of them may think for themselves, they don’t do it publicly.

      The globalists will continue to push the global warming meme through their bought-and-paid-for media for as long as they can, in order to wring as much money and control out of the scam as possible before it collapses. Even now they already know that it is collapsing.

  9. She’s not as rude as some , but still keeps butting in, as those facts are just not what we need to know. I think the MSM dooshbags here in the US are really shaking in their booties because of Ted& the Donald. If the US is smart enough to elect these guys I think the green tarts&tards will smother in their own green slime. & FAST

    • I agree with your comment but I would just comment that continuously butting in is considered to be rude by many folk. BTW, clever tart&tards word coinage. 😉

  10. I’m not a Katie Couric fan, but I didn’t find her snotty. I was sorry that Cruz drifted off the topic when he was making headway with the story about his parents. He also could have mentioned that the Pope’s science advisors were left out of the meeting where the German professor Hans Schellnhuber presented his views.

  11. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
    H.L. Mencken

  12. Its funny how Couric somehow thinks that the Pope is a climate scientist. Mr Cruz didn’t want to offend Christians so he refused to say to her , when she kept referring back to fact that the pope believes in global warming “so what, he’s a F***** Pope” . But he’s good and she’s just an ex cheerleader with a college degree in America studies ? who’s main claim to fame is embarrassing poor Sarah Palin.

  13. I knew before looking at the video that K.C. is blond. “Do all those scientists and the Pope have it wrong?” Those 75 of 77 climatologists are not scientists, else they would know that the AGW “science” is wrong. They are obviously ignorant of basic physics, chemistry and geology. I had high hopes for the new Pope until he sided with the $1.5 trillion/annum climate Ponzi-scheme.

  14. ignorant agenda driven bitch is my personal opinion of her..
    she ignored everything he said and her smug smile made me wanna slap her hard.
    Trumps ok
    but I would FAR prefer Cruz to be president
    hes probably THE smartest candidate Ive ever seen running for the job

  15. To Sophia
    Then you won’t be taking science advice from Galileo and Newton and others of their sort who also believed that a man died and rose again after three days.

  16. This is a demonstration of how the MSM does the work of one political party by making the other look weak, but the democrats better wake up to the fact Ted Cruz is nobodies fool he will quickly turn the tide and expose the truth both in content and interviewer. Can any one ask someone from the MSM why they can’t actually do their job and look for the truth themselves, because it’s not in “The Parties” interest nor their to keep “The Party” in power. This topic is toxic for a reason because it is entirely based on politics and not fact.

  17. Looks like Cruz is playing political football with the issue
    of climate change. He knows all the data is out there that
    retired professionals from NASA, NOAA, etc. has shown
    to be manipulated from their former employers!
    Why not present this data during these interviews. At a
    minimum – speak the names of these people to the public
    so they can research the truth themselves?
    He is walking a very fine line to stay inside the loop on top
    of the HIll.

    The pope card.
    To disallow the writings of the Vatican which is recognized by many today to be the New New Testament would be an
    attack on the entire views and opinions of their church and
    the largest single banking system in the world. Tis the exact
    thing the Jews did to the temple and turned the temple into
    a “den of thieves”.
    Who wants the richest single bank in the world to cut off the
    cash flow to you?

    Lastly, but not related.
    What’s up with the earthquakes lately?
    That is the aftershocks from a 5 – 7?
    Is it just my eyes or has the bulls-eye aftershocks stopped
    for the most part(very few lately have had good aftershocks).

    Since I have been tracking them on a world wide basis this
    is the most quiet they have been at stacking the aftershocks.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

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    18 January, Monday
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  20. Quote:

    Note that Katie Couric is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has promoted the whole “sustainable development” agenda since the beginning.

    Her interview was based on addenda politics; tarnish both front runners who can do the most damage to the Democrat Gullible Warmists.
    She wasn’t snotty just a typical lefty media talking head promoting her views rather than the guest’s on the program, which the viewers want hear, rather than her.

    The BBC radio 4 has a number of similar media “stars” who talk over the guests because they are not on their message. I want to listen to the guest not the talking head.

  21. If Robert will allow, the crew that did “Auto-Tune the News” captured Couric brilliantly, showing her ignorance and sell-out UN Agenda 21 come Agenda 2030 mindless parroting. Hang with it until 1:22 and I guarantee you will just about pee yourself!

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