“Winter shows teeth” in Greece – Video

17 Jan 2016 – Bad weather collapses bridge. Snow down to the lowlands, cold, strong winds and rainfall … 

Today, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday. Deterioration, snow and accidents …

Intense snowfall with strong winds in Kozani. (See above video.)

The bad weather collapsed a bridge in Diava Kalambaka. As transmitted by trikalaola.gr, eyewitnesses of the collapse of the bridge were the Deputy Head of Trikala, Mr. Christos Michalakis and Thessaly Regional Councillor, Mr. Boutinas.


Photo of collapsed bridge:

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4 thoughts on ““Winter shows teeth” in Greece – Video”

  1. First the Nipigon Bridge in Canada, and now this one in Greece. Do you think people will rethink hiring the mayor’s nephew for the engineering?

  2. Snowfall hampered traffic in Kosovo and Albania. Sunday, 17 January 2016
    Continuous heavy snowfall that began Sunday night, have significantly hampered the movement of vehicles across Kosovo. The thickness of snow on the plains of Kosovo has gone over 20 cm, while the Kosovo Police recommends all drivers to have with them chains. Within 24 hours 79 accidents occurred.
    Also, the Kosovo Police by a notification, asked the drivers to observe traffic signs and to adjust the atmospheric conditions while driving the vehicle, because of continued snowfall effect of reducing the visibility on the road.
    Traffic Police advises all the drivers that as a result of heavy snow chains must be used in the region of Korca, in Vlora region, Llogara. In the North of the country, the axes of Shkodra and Puka chains must be used, because the snow has passed about 50 cm thickness.
    Meteorologists have predicted cold weather this week. On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to go to minus 20 degrees, indicating that the real winter is coming back in the Balkans.

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