Record snowfall in South Korea

Along with severe cold 

25 Jan 2016 – According to the nation’s weather agency, the Monday morning temperatures in Seoul was a bone-chilling minus 14C, Daegu minus 11, and Busan minus 8.

Korea’s southern regions also received warnings of heavy snow, while a record 130 centimeters (4′-4″) of snow piled up in eastern island of Ulleung-do.

It’s been eight days since ships couldn’t approach or leave the island due to strong winds and waves causing the island to run out of daily necessities.

Flights to and from Jeju-do island are back to normal, ending the 42-hour suspension for some 87-thousand travellers stranded on the island.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“None of this news is published by the Dutch MSM,” says Argiris. “But each forest fire in Australia is headline news.”

2 thoughts on “Record snowfall in South Korea”

  1. Once the beast from the east starts in February the Dutch MSM will start to report the cold being experienced by the rest of the Northern Hemisphere as they will have a .5 M of snow to deal with themselves. Look at the weather stats for 1963.

    What you have to remember is that the Dutch receive weather data from the AGW UK Met and much of the news from UK feeds. Both countries are benefiting from the stuck Meridional Jet Stream which has maintained this cool but wet autumn weather since August last year.

    Unfortunately the climate terrorist Greens have a much larger political presence in the German speaking countries than is wise. They can repent at leisure over the next 30 years.

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