‘First time ever’ snowfall in Kuwait

29 Jan 2016 – Snow fell on Kuwait on Thursday morning for the first time in the country’s history, pictures sent to Middle East Eye show.

Footage sent to MEE showed snow flakes falling in the Gulf state, where temperatures have plummeted in recent days.

Temperatures in Kuwait soar up to 50C in the summer months and even in winter 20C is the norm. However, on Thursday the temperature was as low as 3C.

There is no record of snow having fallen in Kuwait before.

A Kuwaiti told MEE that Thursday’s snow was a first for the country.
“I asked my grandfather, he said there has never been snow before,” he said. “Snow is unheard of in Kuwait.”

In the city of Rafha on Thursday temperatures fell to -2C.

Photos and footage sent to MEE showed the ground covered in snow.

For the first time in the country’s history this morning a small amount of snow fell in Kuwait. pic.twitter.com/W8liHaoKX6

Video of snow falling in Kuwait this morning, for the first time in the country’s history.

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9 thoughts on “‘First time ever’ snowfall in Kuwait”

  1. Tiny little country. First time there I saw a herd of camels. I said to myself “Self, before you get out of here you’re going to barbecue one of those things”, and I did.
    Not bad. Not much different than beef. Little stringier.

    • Should have had the goat. Unbelievably delicious and even more low-fat and lower-cholesterol healthy than chicken breast is. Plus the Middle Eastern flavor profile is really quite good – no surprise since it was the crossroads of the spice trade route for centuries (and still is!)

  2. In their living memory, but I would suggest similar events took place during Maunder and Dalton.
    Kuwait is noy the only place recieving this cool climate variation.
    The Meridonial Jet streams are also bring snow though South East Asia, the source is the Atlantic Jet stream blasting trillions of tons of water vapour over the UK, into the Baltic regions and into Russia and the Middle east and Asia.
    More is on the way, and the NH winter has only just started.

  3. Probably the first time in known recorded history. We really don’t have a clear idea what went on in the middle east climate wise during the ice age or shortly there after. Theories and guess work perhaps but no written records that we know of.

  4. First snow ever in Kuwait ?

    President Obama predicted this waaaay before He became President !

    It was when “high” quality snow was dripping from His nostrils ??

    I remember Him saying, “Is this Peruvian Flake”, that’s when Obama said, “I wonder if this happens in Kuwait?”


    This has been provided to you by the MA of Washington D.C.


  5. First time for everything. The “experts” will blame this snow and cold on “global warming”? What else could cause this! Ha! Ha!

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