Cold brings rare snowfalls to tropical Laos

Snow has been reported across forested upland areas in northern Laos as extreme cold persists across much of Indochinese Peninsula, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

28 Jan 2016 – Temperatures in the low single digits Celsius during the day and around zero degrees or below at night since Sunday were accompanied by snow across elevated areas of the country’s northern provinces.

The cold led to a temporary three-day suspension of domestic flights by the national carrier Lao Airlines between the capital Vientiane and the airport servicing the province of Oudoumxay while flights to other affected provincial centres faced delays, state-run media Vientiane Times reported.

In the province of Phongsaly, three-day extended leave was provided to public servants except police and defence personnel until Wednesday to help minimise the risks to life from unnecessary travel.

The scope of the socio-economic impact of the cold snap upon the least developed country of some six and a half million remains as yet unknown, with livestock and poultry deaths in the affected areas continuing to be reported to the authorities.

Meanwhile, images of the rare sprinkling of white have been shared by locals and visitors alike on social media.

Snow was also recorded at popular tourist destination Nam Et-Phou Louey National Park, a 4,229sqkm nature reserve incorporating parts of the provinces of Luang Prabang, Huaphan and Xiengkhouan boasting a peak elevation of 2,257m above sea level.

Images of white-dusted tropical foliage were shared on the website of the park and its award-winning Night Safari,

“Snowfall in Laos was at first denied by Laos authorities, but now reliable sources from China (Xinhua) and Malaysia have confirmed the rare snowfall in tropical Laos,” says Argiris.


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  1. Snow in Laos ?

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  2. The last home for the wild Indo-China tiger is the area in northern Laos affected according to the national park website.

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