Trump on possibility that Scalia was murdered

Trump on possibility that Scalia was murdered

Nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage asks Donald Trump about his thoughts on the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Justice Scalia was found dead Saturday morning with a pillow over his head and his clothes unwrinkled. His death came less than one week after the Supreme Court smacked down Obama’s signature plan to address global warming.

“Donald I need to come back to the topic we’ve been all screaming about here which is Scalia,” Savage said to Trump. “Was he murdered? I know it’s pretty brutal to say that, and I’m not wanting to drag you into this but this is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I went on the air and said we need the equivalent of a Warren Commission, we need an immediate autopsy before the body is disposed of. What do you think of that?”

Savage called for an investigation on the level of the presidentially appointed probe into President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Scalia’s son calls conspiracy theories “a hurtful distraction”
Says there is no doubt his father died of natural causes. c12779c5
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19 thoughts on “Trump on possibility that Scalia was murdered

  1. Our nation is in disarray where the people do not trust anything the Government wishes to do.

    The Government (we believe) didn’t stop the autopsy. The Scalia family apparently did. We should respect them.

    On the other hand, the nation needs Justice Scalia to have an autopsy to settle the people down or to put those in prison who did take this Very important man down. I personally believe the nation should come before the family and the family should respectfully incline towards the needs of the people for an answer.

    Here is the question >>> Would Justice Scalia believe, for the benefit of the nation, her people and the people confidence in our govt that an autopsy should be performed?

    I believe Justice Scalia would side with protecting the interests of the people and their nation.

    Be well.

    Here is why. Donald is defending the last 6 or 8 months of his Republican conversion. No One of ANY intelligence can believe and maintain a straight face, the when Trump claims others are lying. They aren’t lying, They are saying they disbelieve what they hear Donald saying today.

    Can you believe that this man actually after 67 years as a Progressive Democrat with a wide highly published set of liberal policies has suddenly over night “Seen the Light” and came to the epiphany GOP moment? A complete conversion Just as he wants to run for president. Too convenient.

    I believe Trump has been preparing and looking into the two sides. He determined it would be better to run for candidacy as a Republican before a real Conservative was selected rather than run against his friends the Clinton’s. The Dems had very weak candidates. He would have really crushed them. He had to make it look good. If he is selected as the GOP candidate he will run against some much weaker candidate but no matter who is elected the Dems win and America looses.

  3. It smacks like a power grab and it needs an investigation!
    Power corrupts and when that power is greater that power possesses the one who holds that power like a demon.

  4. Yes, there should be an autopsy. This is a sham if not! There should be a special commission putting all the facts they can find. The other justices or other government elected people may be another victim of foul play if foul play caused this death.

  5. We will never know unless a murderer or accomplice confesses. Every about his death / cremation / no autopsy screams suspicion. Every liberal social justice enviro freak is screaming in ecstacy over his death. We are the kulaks; pray for salvation from these atheistic stalinist monsters. And don’t forget your guns. and ammo. Batten down the hatches, mates. Will you confess your right wing sins and still be burned as heretics? or…. not?

  6. Trump’s reply to that question was correctly cautious and shows an open mind. Those objecting to a proper investigation “protest too much”.

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  8. Come on. Just ’cause Michael Savage says so doesn’t mean there’s anything to it. He says a lotta stuff just for effect.

    Justice Scalia was 79 years old and in very poor cardiovascular health, you can see that in his photos for several years, if you know what you’re looking at. His death, most likely from a stroke or heart attack, no surprise.

    It’s nonsense for Savage to go off speculating about murder, untless and until there is actual evidence that he may have been murdered, speculation is not evidence.

    • If you have certain circumstances that call for an investigation you do it. Even JF Kennedy had an autopsy when they knew his head was blown off. Use some common sense please.

  9. how can anyone at all NOT be rather surprised at the entire process from the not present certificate provider right on to the no autopsy and unseemly haste to bury him
    embalming was mentioned elsewhere but not in this item
    you usually embalm when expecting a long delay in the funeral date
    in this embalming would hide a lot of clues as well
    I admit I am one who finds the entire thing very very odd.

    • Odd also, he did not request security on this trip, wonder who knew that? And Odumbo out blowing off about how he should fill the position with, no doubt, another AGW genocidal maniac, how convenient. But weather it’s foul play or not, anyone who thinks the nazi AGW scoudrels wouldn’t murder for their cause is really stupid or highly mistaken. They have lied about public & scientific data and starved millions over phony Co2 fear mongering and are destroying the environment with all the worthless green crap they manufacture with our money. This may not be about any Ice Age, it’s about LYING ABOUT IT.

  10. The warren commission? Are you kidding? The very man Kennedy fired before he was assassinated presided over that commission. Which same commission everyone agrees was but a self perpetrating agrandizing production of crap. Ice age now ought stick to facts, within the venue it owns and is knowledgable of. I remember the day Kennedy was killed, and his brother.

  11. Let’s be honest here.

    If one of the ultra-liberal judges was found dead under the same circumstances and the death was treated as cavalierly as Scalia’s, anyone who did NOT believe there was a cover up of a murder would be deemed a crackpot.

    The main-stream media would be 24/7 demanding an investigation, the feds would have an army of investigators and a made for TV movie blaming the right-wing conspiracy for the death would already have started filming.

  12. The way politics are played today puts one on the stage a couple thousand years ago.

    Even an establishment republican could possibly have had him assassinated. Just so that if a non establishment president were to proceed Obama the agenda from liberal left and a non-conservative right would proceed a little easier and the sitting president would have a big big mess on his hands.

    Memory serves me correct that Bush 1 announced to the U.N.
    that the armed American would eventually be brought down.
    Along with several other non-constitutional verbal promises to the U.N., the Bush family = a very shady and scary lot.

    Unless these eyes and ears betray me there be slim pickings to find many true republicans in the bushel whom have not turned coattail toward the hard left. Both parties have been eroding the rights and liberties of this nation with duo consent. A little here and there at first and now as time has progressed bigger chunks.

    So was Scalia (catholic I am presuming) murdered?
    Only the pope with direct connections to God (HA) would have the answer eh.

    Food for thought.

    Scalia made a mockery of the pope as well not politicizing the agenda 21 process on global dominance by collapsing the wealth infrastructures across the world on a huge scale.
    Am sure the pope will turn in his golden rod of divinity an progress the wealth of the poor starting tomorrow.

    See Ya

  13. Obama is just following the pattern established by the San Francisco Giants:They win the World Series in even numbered years,while Obama’s opponents die along the same schedule:Breitbart in 2012,Joan Rivers in 2014,and now Scalia in 2016.

  14. It was because of the proof and the truth ministry i think glacers in pakistan were because it was warm and that is why and he lied against the orson wells movie 1984

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