Indiana county under state of emergency after major snowstorm

LaPorte County placed under state of emergency due to heavy snowfall, downed power lines.

Traveling in LaPorte County should be limited to emergency traffic only, such as ambulances, police officers and snow plows, according to LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd.

The following message was sent by the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday morning:

The La Porte County Board of Commissioners and La Porte County Emergency Management have announced that La Porte County has been placed under a state of emergency. This means that travel is restricted to emergency management/services only. Citizens are directed to refrain from travel; comply with necessary emergency measures; cooperate with public officials and disaster services in executing emergency operations plans and obey and comply with the lawful directions of properly identified officers. The state of emergency remains in effect until 6 am on Friday, February 26.

Snow continues to fall throughout La Porte County and wind is also causing blowing a drifting as well as white-out conditions in open, rural areas. The La Porte County Highway Department is finding it necessary to remove snow using plow trucks in staggered tandem and vehicular traffic makes snow removal difficult. In addition, heavy snow has caused a number of trees to fall across roadways and a number of utility poles and electrical wires are down; some of which are still energized, which makes the situation even more dangerous.

The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public not to plow snow from driveways and into roadways as this creates added danger for emergency service vehicles. A number of traffic control lights, throughout the County, remain out due to power outages and motorists are reminded that intersections that are controlled by traffic signals but are not working should be treated as four-way stops.

The state of emergency will expire at 6 a.m. Friday. Feb. 26.

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  1. Don’t worry-the ice age won’t get us. Just been reading up on the current state of Fukushima and its effects on the planet.

    On the internet of course-neither politicians nor the media will touch this elephant in the room.

    Isn’t the room getting a little crowded with all these elephants they’re walking around now? Denial must be the greatest plague of the 21st century.

    “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” (Rev. 22:20) I’m ready to go home.

      • Right after Chernobyl ,a group of guys ,I knew a couple personally, at a nuclear plant went near the arctic circle on a Caribou hunt, they all brought back meat. A couple of months later some people at the plant started setting off the Rad. monitors when coming out of work. This is taken very serious here, especially when most of the time these people were not even in rad areas. An emergency meeting was called w/ all those who set off monitors present. It didn’t take long for those guys to look at each other an figure out they were all the ones who went hunting and were eating Caribou. The meat tested positive for Rad. contamination. Problem solved, the NRC was satisfied. I guess my point is that if that sea life is dead because of Fukushima it should be badly contaminated and bagged as such. I don’t know if rad testers are available to general public, but you would think someone would be doing some testing.

        • Just my thought ,I think the phenomenon with sea life the last few years is more likely due to weak UV dropping temps and changing ocean currents taking warmer waters where it hasn’t been lately as it cools,this would have effects on the lower aspects of the food chain effecting almost all sea life.

  2. Thanks, Squatterman. Time will tell, I suppose. But just the fact that the MSM and the politicians are keeping such a tight lid on the subject of Fukushima tells me that all is not copacetic!

    And sorry to say, 97% of scientists cannot be trusted these days. That’s a joke-I think.

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