Almost 26 feet of snow at Mammoth Mt

Mammoth Mt (CA) has reported 311″ (790 cm) of snow this season.

That’s the most in a season since 2010/2011, when a mind-boggling 669″ were reported:

A good amount of snow has also fallen so far at this season in BC Canada … 402 inches = 33.5 feet

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt and Chris Beal for this info

“I find it incredibly disingenuous that virtually everyone agrees these heavy rain and snow totals are the result of the current and ongoing El Niño in the eastern Pacific, but somehow the record high temperatures this winter and the extended California drought were directly the result of AGW,” says H.B.

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  1. I remember 2011 in Mammoth when we got a seasonal total of just over 55 feet of snow. I remember renting an A frame two story cabin and leaving it by stepping off the upstairs balcony.

  2. Mexico, March 8, 2016: Chihuahua, Sonora and Durango reported snowfall and road closures, so the authorities ask caution. Look at the images of snowfall in the north of the country, and check the weather forecast.
    Chihuahua, Sonora and Durango are some of the entities in the north of the country where they feel the effects of snowfall, with highway closures and alerts Civil Protection corporations.
    The State Coordination of Civil Protection in Chihuahua reported Tuesday March 8 to 17 municipalities in the state recorded snowfall, and therefore the closure of four road sections were given.
    The governor, Cesar Duarte, asked the public to exercise caution before the arrival of a new cold front.
    The municipalities of Chihuahua where snow fell are: Madera, Buenaventura, Matachi, Temosachi, Bachíniva, Farias, Ignacio Zaragoza, Ocampo, Bocoyna, Moris, Uruachi, Guerrero, Carichi, Maguarichi, Guazapares, Guachochi and Chínipas. In some of these municipalities , according to local authorities, a significant accumulation of snow, and Uruachi 20 centimeters (cm) is recorded; Ocampo, 18 cm; Maguarichi, 15 cm; Bocoyna and Guerrero, with 12 cm.

  3. 311 inches is well below the seasonal average for Mammoth.

    When May 31st arrives, tell us all then how much snow fell. And what the average seasonal snowfall total is.

    • Rhys – per your request, I looked at the monthly and seasonal snowfall totals from Mammoth Mountain. Since the 1969-70 ski season, the average seasonal snowfall total is 379.4″ so for them having 311″ at this point, with another 6 weeks of the season left when some of the biggest snowfalls have fallen, I’d say they’re doing just fine for snow accumulation.

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