18 centimeters of snow in Yakutia

Start of the Winter in Russia

In Yakutia has fallen 18 cm (7 inches) of snow.

See photos:

rosts in Yakutia:

Thanks to Martin Siebert

2 thoughts on “18 centimeters of snow in Yakutia”

  1. I wonder what Autumn here in the US is going to look like. Are the leaves going to have enough time to turn color and drop before heavy snow?

  2. Thanks . I have already posted on this cold in western Russia, and linked to this information as an “afterward”.


    The typical Alarmist focus is the Pole, and the recent storms that have smashed up the sea-ice. They fail to see both sides. You can’t have warm air surging north to fuel polar storms without cold air plunging south.

    I poke fun at alarmist alarm, by being a bit silly about an alternative alarm, but I actually believe that if one insists upon worry about weather, the Quiet Sun is a greater concern than a trace gas.

    It is absurd how the lamestream media avoids news about cold and snow. I don’t know what I would do without your site.

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