18 inches of GloBULL Warming hits West Virginia in 4 Hours

Ha! West Virginia could see 8 inches? Try 18 inches with more snow still falling!  Useless weather models can’t even give accurate weather predictions HOURS out. do you REALLY trust government agencies with their climate models?

Link to our farm pix on Facebook – 18 inches of GloBULL Warming – LOL!


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  1. Herr Doktor Professor Al Gore, Nobel Laureate, assures us this is WARM snow and Man Made Global Warming will return….yes…it will…..be patient………really………..any time now……..it’s coming……..patience…….

  2. Some folks have asked if this was normal for us at Shady Grove Farm and The English Baker. Well, a nor’easter dumped 3 feet of snow, I was told, 25 years ago to the day in 1993, but “normal” for us here in WV before 2014, has been maybe a couple of inches of snow during March, which has generally gone by afternoon in the warm sunshine. However, my main point here is that the same agency, NOAA, that developed the “new” GFS weather model that launched in 2016, and has been a disaster, to be perfectly honest, were incidental in the development of long-term climate forecasting models. If they can’t get the “weather” right just hours out of an event, can we really trust their Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory on long-term trending via Climate Models?

    PS I am no “expert”; I am just someone who tries to stay at the leading edge of all things climate, Robert Felix truly opened my eyes with Not by Fire But by Ice and Magnetic Reversals, and the paper by Russian astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov on Total Solar Irradience and the next Little Ice Age was mind-blowing to me!

    I am an RN/Nutritional Biochemist by trade and training, turned duck and rare breed chicken farmer, so understanding WHERE we are going, and getting ready for it, is critical to not just our business but also our survival.

  3. This reminds me of that blizzard they named Nemo back in 2012, where I lived in Connecticut we were expect 10-15 inches of snow…..yeh that’s a decent size snowstorm and February and March they get hit pretty good at least once before the end of the season. 10-15 inches while a pain in the ass to deal with we are equipped for that it’d just be a snow day. Well, instead of 10-15 inches we set a state record for most snow in 24 hours and got 40 inches. 40 inches in 18 hours actually, closed a state with numerous plows down for an entire week. Cars literally buried in parking lots.

  4. Been reading listening for years since Art Bell, but no snow for my snowmobile this Winter here in NW VA.

  5. Variable Sun
    We do not have a constant sun we have a Variable Sun that moves through cycles like most things in nature. These solar cycles have maximums and minimums of solar storms that create cloud cycles that amplify the lower clouds and make them heaver when our sun is at solar minimum, like now. ………….——————————————————————
    In trying to understand the earth’s climate because of a trace gas, we have uncovered part of a much larger complex system of order to our own Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Our variable sun that gives us life in this cold universe goes through many complex cycles of hot and cold temperatures on the earth that we have recorded through ice cores, tree rings and other devices. Every hundred thousand years a very large cycle called a Glaciation moves ice over Toronto a mile high and we can see this also in the earth sciences. Between the Glaciation periods galactic cosmic rays fly through our universe from supernova exploding stars and hit the earth in cycles more or less depending the cycles of our sun. Our sun goes through cycles of changing its North Pole to the South Pole every eleven years. In the middle of this change over there are many electric storms, solar storms that increase the magnetism of our sun and protect us from the many cosmic rays that hit the earth. We are hit with many more cosmic ray particles when the sun is very quiet with very few solar storms at the end of a solar cycle. These cosmic ray particles hit the lower clouds, seed the clouds, amplify the volume and make them very heavy. This amplifies our snow storms, our rain storms and all our weather events while making it much colder at the same time like a small nuclear winter. All this happens because, not unlike nature, our sun is a Variable Star and moves through cycles. ————-
    Professor Emeritus Bob Evermon Emilly Carr University of Art

  6. We are living in interesting times, could we be witnessing the very early stages of a new ice age?

    The talk of a shifting Arctic due to a weakening polar vortex and a possible relationship with a sun closing up shop for some time is both interesting and scary.

    The link between temperature and CO2 is dying a slow death. With mainstream media reports growing more detached from reality everyday. (We are told stories of a premature spring while surround by deep winter conditions). It is become difficult for even the most ardent AGW disciples to defend such baseless ‘crap’!

    I tried showing an alarmist a IR absorption chart recently, as a means to demonstrate the limited logarithmic warming properties of CO2. I think he cracked a little, but it was too much and I received the usual derogatory remarks. But there is a change in the mood and thinking of people entrenched in the AGW paradigm, yay!

    But watch out! aircraft turbulence will get worse by 2100 if we don’t stop pumping that life giving gas into the atmosphere 🙂

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