1984 is upon us

Warming is cooling. Snow is proof of warming. Record cold is catastrophic man-made global warming. All bad weather is due to climate change. 2+2=5. Logic is white male identity politics. Forest fires are caused by “carbon pollution.” Boys are girls.

If you disagree with any of this you are a Nazi.

Thanks to Josh in Alaska for this insight on today’s society.

18 thoughts on “1984 is upon us”

    • True. A person could make the case for either of those two, as well as Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”.

      Scary times indeed.

  1. I have been saying this for some time – it’s propaganda 24 hours a day, public or private. Corporations are no better than the government with their foray into social issues. The only thing that matters is the story you want to tell, no matter the truth.

  2. I’m a Nazi!
    1984? I thought all that garbage liberal stuff started in the 90’s?
    I was attending Trident Tech in Charleston in 1992 and I remember when all that liberal garbage started about that time hehe. I remember everything being against the white male in this country!
    My friends and I were raising hell about that krap each and every day when we got together. One was Dave Jenson, a friend I knew from Norway. He was a Hitler fan and he was in a total cultural shock when he moved here. He liked nothing about this country!
    We were so mad about this retarded society we used to scream slogans out of a home sometimes at midnight and the cops showed up hehe.
    I don’t think it’s much better today.

    • Interesting that your Norwegian friend was a Hitler fan. But there are a lot of things about the USofA that he should have liked. It is still better than Norway. But a careful reader of history – as it was, as opposed to what we are propagandized to believe it to be, would suggest that your friend was right in who he chose to be a fan of. Much of what we are told about Hitler and “his” Germany are anything but truths.

      • Everyone who loves to tout Norway (or Sweden, or Denmark, or Finland) as the type of democratic socialist standard we should strive for in America should be aware that:
        1. Those nations have a primarily homogeneous racial mix.
        2. Those nations have a long cultural standard.
        3. Those nations have a national language.
        4. Those nations have a small population.
        Economies of scale do not work with the 3rd most populous nation on the planet, made up of the most diverse peoples on the planet, with one of the largest national land masses on the planet.

  3. Is the Orwellian era upon us ?
    There are a lot of mental defectives out there
    who have the right to vote
    who believe the illogical ravings of
    the leftist jerks who hate
    The USA and any other successful capitalist gov’t
    who hate
    any concept of individual freedom and self-determination
    who hate
    any idea that challenges gov’t superiority over the people
    who hate
    humanity itself because of its existence.

    Gov’t is not superior and cannot be by logic superior
    to the people who have created it.

  4. Brrr! Frosty week ahead for Central Florida

    Gore to host 24-hour ‘Global Warming’ special
    Gore Effect in effect?

    It’s Been One of the Most Miserable Starts to Winter on Record

  5. Ignorance is strength — or at least it is the strength of the AGW movement, which is so totally dependent on the ignorance of the public about climate history. Last night I was watching with considerable dismay as Will Smith, an actor I like, parroted lines that were fed to him as narrator on the NatGeo program, “One Strange Rock,” and was constantly struck by the false information about how the “world has never been warm before” (except about 95% of the last 600 million years) and with CO2 levels up to about 400 ppm, how “we’re going into unexplored territory” (which would be true only if CO2 went much LOWER than it is now, since the CO2 level has rarely ever been this low before, for hundreds of millions of years, and has often been at least 5 to 10 times, or even 18 times, this high — and the world didn’t end). He also referred to CO2 at one point as “bad, poisonous stuff,” rather than the absolutely essential molecule needed to sustain plant life and, indirectly, us, on this planet. Incredible, bald-faced propaganda.

    But, as in Orwell’s 1984, the real history of the past is dangerous, so it must be concealed or revised to fit today’s Party line.

  6. Double-plus good!
    Please ignore the millions of years of “climate change” that occurred before man.
    I wonder how far into the next ice age we will get before the religion of “man made global warming” is reexamined.
    I’ve already noticed that whenever record cold is reported, the term changes from “global warming” to “climate change”. As if record cold is caused by global warming.

    • Actually, in all seriousness, WE ALL are.

      There is a profound, biological, innate, genetic drive to view “others” as threatening, until proven, not.

      To Pre-Judge, and to Discriminate ,are a necessary biological survival trait.. Those of our Ancestors, who lacked this tendency………..got killed.

      This is why we all feel uncomfortable around strangers. This is why we make “first impressions”. This is why we are not comfortable when not “surrounded” by our tribe……

      It is why NO multicultural society has ever existed without FORCE, maintained by FORCE, and always resort to violence before they break into their natural tribal entities…………Austian-Hungarian Empire?……..YugoSlavia?……. CzechoSlovakia? ……. Soviet Union? ……..Roman Empire? …….. United States of America?

    • And we are all racist.

      Excellent point …. and none more so than liberals, who only see the world through racist eyes.

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