In 1995 it was 15.4°C – Today we are told it is 14.8°C – a new record!

“For decades, it was assumed the average temp of the 20th century on the planet was 15°C,” says reader Martin Siebert.” But suddenly this year it was reported by all means that 2016 hit a new heat record: 14.8 ° C!”

“The situation of climate reports is so confused that it is obvious that when the media starts to forge false news, the truth comes out.


“Climate Church: Cooler is the new warmer!” snorts the headline on

“What A Mess!” reads the headline on NoTrickZone. “Spiegel Reveals Scientists Don’t Know Real Temperature Of The Planet.”

“Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Or the Easter Bunny? Or both? Well, then you would be well cared for in the Church of Global Warming,” the first article begins.

Video from the Klimamanifest of Heiligenroth (in German) about the development of the global medium temperature “from measurements” going from a “hot” 15.4 ° C to even hotter today 14.8 ° C.

Anyone who has learned the small 1 x 1 at school will agree that 14.8 ° is 0.6 ° C cooler than 15.4 ° C.

So the “peak” of 2016 (“warmest year on record!”) Has grown 0.6 ° colder over the last 21 years.

Have you heard anything about it from any media, before the ÖR media? No? Well, you know it now.

And 0.6°C is 3/4 (!!) the total warming of the previous century!!


The easiest article for me to read (after using Google Translate) was on

“What a mess!” reads their headline. “Spiegel reveals to scientists not to know the real temperature of the planet”

June 19, 2017 – 3:20 PM

The “European Institute of Climate and Energy (EIKE), based in Germany, warned here that it is now clear that no one really knows what the current average global temperature is, further stating that the planet is NOT warmer and that measurements do not make any sense.

In 1995 the average temperature of the planet was 15.4 ° C. Today we are told that it is 14.8°C – a new record!

For decades it had been assumed that the average temperature of the 20th century of the planet was 15°C. But all of a sudden this year was reported by all means that 2016 hit a new record heat: 14.8°C!

ZDF reporter Benjamin Stöwe announced in January 2017 that at 14.8 ° C the year 2016 was “the hottest year” since the measurements were recorded.

I liked the comment from Josef Kovch:

Global temperatures do not exist:
1880 is taken as a starting year by the CO2 Irrigation Community and then claimed that since then the temperatures would have risen and they would continue to rise.

To be able to prove this scientifically, one would have had to set up a world-wide measuring temperature network in 1880 with standardized places.

The places could not have changed within a radius of 2 km and the measurement procedures should not have changed over the entire period.

Everyone knows that this has not happened and therefore there can be no statements on any temperature changes and certainly no statements about global temperatures, which also had to include the world’s oceans. A measurement series of global values ​​since 1880 is always (based on) human computer values.

Thanks to Martin Siebert and Jimmy Walter for these links

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  1. Even using the adjusted figures for the 1930’s temperatures and ignoring the Cooling that happened in the 50’s and 60’s the Earth’s temperatures has been basically flat since the 1930’s.

  2. Given that most of the temperature measuring stations are located in the Northern Temperate Land areas with a significant bias towards the Central belt of North America and Western Europe.
    With an even great bias over time 30 year + for a significant majority of the stations are now in Urban Heat Islands, whereas when they were installed they were in rural areas, coupled with NOAA’s thumb on the blub of the thermometer.
    IMHO you can argue that the so called World-wide average temperatures are in fact two separate but then averaged, regional populated zones of the world on the borders of the North Atlantic.
    What it does suggest is how much heat we are injecting in our urban environment, that heat isn’t CO2, but manufactured energy from a wide variety of sources which includes base load Nuclear and the other so called solar renewables sources as well as Carbon based energy sources.
    Even if we replace all forms of Carbon energy within 5 years with alternative non carbon energy, we will still inject that heat energy into the environment, and temperatures would still rise. But not much more than now, not with the reduced energy being emitted from the Sun during a Grand Solar Minimum period.

  3. From walking from my lawn area to the paddock, some, 20 metres, the temperature can change by 1 or 2 deg C. How do you measure for an average around the globe when temperatures can vary in such short distances! Impossible! And anyone who says they know the average temperature is lying because you would have to measure everywhere.

    • Satellites do measure broad swaths of area, with reasonable precision. You rarely hear Satellite measurements mentioned these days as they indicate slight cooling, and thus are not in line with the “Hottest Years Ever” meme…

    • 15 degrees C between Southern England & Scotland.
      and they talk about 10ths or hundredths of a degree.

  4. Robert, Greenie Watch had a post on this where he thought it was a storm in a teacup as he thought the 14.8 was just for 3 months, so I sent him this email, which precise my comments at NoTrcksZone

    Dear Sir, you are incorrect about the 14.8C GAT referred to, it is also the Annual Average for 2016, of 14.84C as shown at the NOAA Annual Summary here

    The reason that this is NOT a “storm in a teacup” can be seen at the NOAA Annual Summary for 1997 & 1998.
    The 1998 Summary said that 1998 was warmer than 1997.
    They made the mistake of leaving the original GAT for 1997 in the report, it was 16.92C ie over 2,0C warmer than 2016.
    However the Current value shown for 1998 which was obviously originally above 16.92C is now 14.53C, over the last 20 years they have lowered the 1998 temperature by 2.4C, and they currently say Records are being broken by a measly tenth or hundredth of a degree.
    For 1997 see

    and 1998 see

    He has since changed his post to reflect this.

  5. I posted this at NoTricksZone in relation to this discussion.
    There is an essay looking at the base value change at

    The essay ends with the following:
    “The 1998 edition of the annual publication of Worldwatch Institute uses 14 degrees Celsius as the global average temperature and provides details of how it was informed of the change from 15 degrees Celsius. On page 69 of the report, a footnote below the table listing the global average temperatures for several years states:

    Base number is 1 degree Celsius lower than in earlier Vital Signs.

    On page 174 of the same report, we see the explanation for the change.

    In earlier versions of Vital Signs, Worldwatch added the temperature change reported by the Goddard Institute to an estimated global temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, but the institute has since informed Worldwatch that a better base number would be 14 degrees Celsius. James Hansen, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, email to author, 18 January 1998.”

  6. Looks to me like they are making excuses for the recent 0.6C drop in worldwide temperature due to the next LIA beginning.

  7. Don`t you just love the irony and the mess scientists are getting themselves in ? No wonder trust in science is being eroded . I think I`ll just put some seaweed out the window !!

  8. —I don’ t know how cool it is elsewhere, but here in South East England, it’s been 90F for the past couple of days and it’s forecast to be 94F tomorrow! More coolth please.

    • During 1976, the weather of the British isles followed a similar pattern as this year it started with a winter drought, a late spring with May staring with a brief warm period then a cold period with 100MM of snow in South Staffordshire @ 190 M altitude. The Month ended with a Heat wave which carried on into June and July and breaking on the 3rd July with a monster thunderstorm and gradual breakdown to rain over the following week.
      The cause – the Atlantic Meridional Jet stream brought most of the Azores High pressure system over the top of the UK and then formed a blocking High pressure system for 6 weeks. During this year we have had a similar 6 months weather period with June less warm until now.
      The reason for the 40 year repeat of a possible very hot summer in the UK is the reduced EUV being absorbed by the atmosphere, causing the Jet stream to become far more meridional than during the same period during SC22 or SC23.
      1976 was at the tail end of the SC20 AMP affected solar cycle, 2017 and SC24 is at the tail end of the first cycle in a Grand Solar Minimum.
      It is a historical fact that during Dalton, drought and famine killed more people than cold. With the exception of the French Grand Army during the retreat from Moscow during 1812/1813.
      For example the Summer of 1818 during SC6 of the Dalton Grand Solar Minimum, the following is recorded:
      The summer was claimed to be the longest, driest & warmest in living memory. (?London/South) Overall, using the CET series, the anomaly for the three summer months (JJA) was +1.3C, with June (16.4degC/+2.1C) & July (18.2degC/+2.3C) notably warm. However, August was slightly cooler than average, with an anomaly of -0.3C. It was certainly a dry season, with an EWP figure of 102mm representing ~50% of the all-series mean. At Greenwich, only 40mm of rain was recorded over these three months, with August particularly dry: the value measured at the time (in inches) was 0.1″ (or 2.5mm). This remarkable summer was followed by a wet autumn.
      July 1808, One report at the time (from farm records in the eastern Fens), says that the temperature in the shade near London was 96 (degF), which converts to just over 35degC: the same reference notes that this spell is the “hottest day ever known in Eng’d … the Hot Sunday in 1790 was only 83 Deg”. [ NB: August 1808 also reasonably warm, with anomaly circa + 1degC. ]

      After all the UKs normal Summer is three hot days and a thunderstorm – King Charles 1st.

    • According to Al Jazeera TV just now the UK is heading for the hottest day in 40 years. So, 40 years ago it was hotter than now and for 40 years there was no warming!

    • Cliff, you’re apparently buying into AGW propaganda. We’ve had months of cold weather in many places, not days, and yet this never gets a mention in the mainstream media. Two months of cold weather = a cold snap, according to the mainstream media. Two days of warm weather = AGW. Which is correct, do you think? Use your brain!

    • Midwestern Arkansas here in the States experiencing evening window weather, highly unusual for this time of year. With another cool front coming in starting on 22nd of this month it looks like the windows may be closed and a light blanket added.

      Highs most of month swinging from mid 90f to low 80f for highs and low 70f to mid60f for lows. Resembles the cycle from 2 and 3 years past.

  9. What I find stranger than anything is in southern Ontario, we went from freezing in spring, entire month of May and first 2 weeks in June. Then for the last week or so, we have been dying of heat between 30 to 33 C (about 95 or 100 F). Today, we are back to 15 C and it is officially summer tomorrow.

    My point is, until the last decade, we did not drop up or down 20 C in a single day in any season with maybe the exception of winter.

    It’s this up and down of temperature in a single day that nobody is mentioning. This is what is not normal.

    • Not to be too picky but 33c is 91.4F. Which is pretty common for summer in Canada. Yet in Vancouver, where we have barely had a spring let alone summer, all we are hearing is how remarkably hot Ontario is this year.

      Mind you it must be cooler than expected everywhere because we are also getting a lot of international media stories about how hot the American Southwest is this summer…”over 120 in Death Valley!”. Uhhh…isn’t that why it’s called “Death Valley?”

      Or did Al Gore just name it?

      • Death Valley set record lows last year. Not sure how this spring was but am fairly confident it was below normal?

  10. What I find even stranger is in southern Ontario, we went from freezing cold temperatures in May and the first two weeks in June to dying of heat the last week or so around 34 + C (around 95 to 100 F).

    Today we are now at 15C, this is what I find stranger than anything is that it can drop up to 20C in one day in the summer which officially starts

  11. NOAA’s CAG now puts the 20th century average at:

    “The average global temperature across land and ocean surface areas for 2016 was 0.94°C (1.69°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F).”

    This will make it much easier to set new global records in the future.

  12. I used to believe in global warming, then I believed in the ice age. Now I only believe my thermometer.

  13. So far just one day above 90F here in International Falls Minnesota…It’s not like we get many here anyway that’s why I live here….when it’s hot you can only get naked and still be miserable….when it’s cold you can add layers until you are warm….anyway the temperature here isn’t the story….the story has been the cloud cover for the month….overcast is the norm and blue clear skies have become an abberation to normal

  14. What most people miss, mainstream or truth seekers, is that this hot – cold – hot weather pattern is caused by the Jet-Stream meandering. Blamed on global warming but as with temperatures and CO2 levels, we are told the opposite of the truth. CO2 does not drive temperature and global warming does not cause the Jet-Stream to meander. Magnetic changes in the Sun-Earth system are preventing the Jet-Stream from sticking to the polar regions where it should sit for most of the year. Without the electrical properties of the atmosphere holding it in place it is now meandering all the way down into North Africa, not far off the equator. Not only does this pull frigid polar air down rapidly, within a day or two, to countries which rarely get such an air flow, but it also drags up extremely warm air from the equatorial regions and forces it into Europe and the Balkans creating rapid increases in heat pushing the records up in the process. To blame this on a tiny increase in a trace gas is beyond ludicrous. Watch to monitor what the solar wind is doing and other solar activity, then watch how the Jet-Stream responds.

  15. Many temperature sensors in the US are not properly placed.

    see article:

    From the article:

    • A sensor in Marysville, Calif., sits in a parking lot at a fire station right next to an air conditioner exhaust, a cell phone tower and a barbecue grill.

    • A sensor in Tahoe City, Calif., sits near a paved tennis court and is right next to a “burn barrel” that incinerates garbage.

    • A sensor in Tahoe City, Calif., sits near a paved tennis court and is right next to a “burn barrel” that incinerates garbage.

    • Oops! The last example should have been:

      A sensor in Hanksville, Utah, sits directly atop a gravestone, which is not only macabre but also soaks up the sun’s heat and radiates it back to the thermometer at night.

  16. There is no doubt that 15°C WAS the claimed “global average temperature” even though such a thing is meaningless !

    But 15°C is the “global average temperature” was chanted ad nauseum.

    Here is just one of thousands of pieces of nonsense relating to this mythical greenhouse effect :-

    Without naturally occurring greenhouse gases, Earth’s average temperature would be near 0°F (or -18°C) instead of the much warmer 59°F (15°C).

    You can see the 33°C “greenhouse effect” temperature and the 15°C “much warmer “average” !

    Year – 1998 !

    People need to stop talking this “greenhouse effect” nonsense and especially stop teaching it to children before our society ends up so brain dead we cannot reason.

    No-one disputes the atmosphere warms up but infra-red radiation has bugger all to do with it.

    After all they tell us 99+% of the atmosphere doesn’t even absorb IR and it is statistically impossible that the trace gases and water vapour can spread the warmth to the vast majority of the atmosphere in the time frames involved !

    But when the “global warming” theme started to refuse to co-operate they began adding sea surface temperatures to the mix.

    But that is absurd because we do not measure land surface temperatures – NEVER HAVE – we measure air temperatures !

  17. Please look at the bigger picture. The Earth has dropped .6C degrees since 1995 while CO2 continues to climb. Obviously, either CO2 increases have no effect, or increased CO2 cools the Earth. Now think of the $Trillions that have been wasted on the Global Lie. People should be up in arms demanding the prosecution of the all the “Global Liars” (Including Gore) as well as the return of all the wasted money.

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