1st Day of Fall More Like 1st Day of WINTER on Canadian Prairies

“Mini-snowpocalypse” across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


“Significant” amounts of snowfall toppled trees and took out power lines in parts of Manitoba, forcing some residents to spend the night in the dark.

Lumsden resident Cherie Kowalyshyn told CTV Regina that it felt more like the first day of winter than the first day of fall.
“I’m pretty sure I’ve never had to have mitts on the first day of fall,” she said.


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10 thoughts on “1st Day of Fall More Like 1st Day of WINTER on Canadian Prairies”

  1. An out of season appearance of the dreaded “Polar Vortex” is going to leave much of central and southern Canada with an unusually early snow cover over the next week or so.

  2. On the other hand, warm blob is forming ocean near Alaska and global sst is .266 celsius above normal.Time to tax those evil underwater volcanoes.At least snow in canada increases albedo a lilttle.Also forecast for NYC sep 26 is 80F.Evil water vapor at work again.

  3. anyone got the farmers Almanac handy?
    what did it say?
    12 days no sunspots and incoming solar wind just under 500k per second with a fairly high 17.9 proton count
    should be nice auroras to watch as you shiver up nth.
    that said my area has frost last night and more warnings for tonight;-( spring? not here!

  4. According to Joe Bastardi and Weatherbell a cool, wet October in North America is a precursor for a cold, snowy winter over Canada and the US. He’s had this forecast out since August. It’s looking like what he’s predicting is coming true and if that’s the case expect more. Surprised it didn’t snow in International Falls, it was in the high 30s F or around 2C for those not in the US.

  5. Lucky people!! We are in Atlanta still suffering from freaking hot!! Hope soon we will also get longest period of cold and tons of heavy snowstorms upcoming winter 2018-19.

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