Up to 2 feet of snow to hit Rockies – in late April!

A WINTER storm moving across Colorado will bring heavy snow and gusty winds from Friday evening into Saturday night. 

National Weather Service Pueblo CO Apr 27 2017 –


* LOCATION…Lake county, western Chaffee county Between 9000 and 11000 feet, Sangre de Cristo mountains, western Mosquito Range and eastern Chaffee County above 9000 feet, La Garita mountains, eastern San Juan Mountains, northwestern Fremont county above 8500 feet, Wet Mountain Valley below 8500 feet, Wet Mountains, Teller county, Rampart Range and Pike`s Peak region, northern El Paso county, the upper Huerfano River Basin below 7500 Feet and western Las Animas County below 7500 Feet.

* SNOW ACCUMULATION…Total snow accumulation in excess of 8 inches will be possible, with the potential for 1 to 2 feet over the higher elevations of the the eastern mountains.

* WIND…North to northeast winds 15 to 25 mph with locally
higher wind gusts.

* IMPACT…Snow and blowing snow at times is expected to create hazardous weather and travel conditions in the watch area. In addition, heavy wet snow will be capable of producing tree and powerline damage.

Leadville Vicinity/Lake County Below 11000 Ft-
Western Chaffee County Between 9000 and 11000 Ft-
Western Mosquito Range/East Chaffee County above 9000Ft-
La Garita Mountains Above 10000 Ft-
Eastern San Juan Mountains Above 10000 Ft-
Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains Between 8500 And 11000 Ft-
Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains above 11000 Ft-
Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains Between 7500 and 11000 Ft-
Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains Above 11000 Ft-
Northwestern Fremont County Above 8500Ft-
Wet Mountain Valley Below 8500 Ft-
Wet Mountains between 6300 and 10000Ft-
Wet Mountains above 10000 Ft-
Teller County/Rampart Range above 7500fT/Pike`s Peak Between
7500 And 11000 Ft-Pikes Peak above 11000 Ft-
Northern El Paso County/Monument Ridge/Rampart Range Below 7500 Ft-
Walsenburg Vicinity/Upper Huerfano River Basin Below 7500 Ft-
Trinidad Vicinity/Western Las Animas County Below 7500 Ft-
Eastern Las Animas County-
INCLUDING Leadville, Alpine, Granite, St Elmo, North Pass,
Cumbres Pass, Wolf Creek Pass, La Veta Pass, Poncha Pass,
Blanca Peak, Cuchara, Stonewall, Weston, Spanish Peaks,
Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, Rye, Woodland Park, Pikes Peak,
Black Forest, Walsenburg, Trinidad, Branson, and Kim



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7 thoughts on “Up to 2 feet of snow to hit Rockies – in late April!”

  1. I started hearing predictions back in the ’90s of how global warming would destroy the ski industry. I guess they were wrong back then. They are still trying to make the same predictions now, and they are still wrong. I’m planning on skiing at A-Basin or Loveland next weekend, which will be in May.

  2. so I remember hearing back in the 90’s how teachers were yelling at kids in school how their mom’s SUV would cause so much global warming that they would never see snow again by now – and how guilty they would feel. The skiing industry was supposed to be history by now and teachers were threatening to flunk kids for the whole year in class if they disagreed with them about global warming caused by evil SUV’s.
    Instead they will know what snow looks like in late April 75 years from now in these parts – with ski season being extended into May and possibly summer!
    Maybe they should re-visit their teachers from that time!

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