More than 2 feet of snow for Norway

Also the weather is unusually cold. Email from Norwegian reader.



I enjoy following your website, and it is very much like many readers say – Whenever there is some extra heat or a wildfire in Australia we can certainly read about it in the news in Norway, but cold weather in Europe is barely reported. The hot European March was duly covered though.

Now however, 2-3 days of locally pile ups of snow has been covered.  Today’s story in Norwegian newspaper VG is up to 70 cm (more than 2 ft) of snow in central eastern Norway With meteorological stations Reporting apx. 30 cm (12 inches) in several places. Also the weather has been unusually cold in most of April.

The heading reads: “Extreme amounts of snow in eastern Norway”.

Myself, I am currently on a Greek eastern Island close to Turkey, and even here the last weeks have been unusually cold, 3-7 degrees Celcius below what is normal now.

So the stories of cold April weather indeed stretch from Norway in the west to Russia in in east and all the way down to Italy in the west and Turkey/Greece in the east.

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Atle Davidsen


2 thoughts on “More than 2 feet of snow for Norway”

  1. The next seven days for Scandinavia, North and Baltic Sea areas is for more of the same. Spring will return to the North Western Europe Coastal regions after 4th May.
    Expect heavy Spring Snow in elevated regions and wintery weather at coastal regions with vicious Night Frosts once the wind strength deceases, Gardeners beware!
    All due to Meridional Jet Streams caused by the very low EUV levels being emitted by our variable star in a APM affected Grand Solar Minimum condition.
    Exactly the same solar and climate conditions as that experienced during the 1970s cool period SC20. Even the tropical region droughts are appearing once against, during the Seventies there were grain banks to alleviate the following famines, and those same grain banks were discontinued by the Gullible Warmist Democrats and Obama as unnecessary as the world will continue to warm by another 2C by 2050.
    Even as world temperatures have been flat between the two El Nino spikes of 1998 and 2016, since that last El Nino spike, world temperatures is now falling, possibly by as much as 2C by 2056 as the effects of the GSM become more apparent.

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