2016 NOT Warmest Year on Record – Video

But Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and University of Alabama Hunstville (UAH) satellite data show a tie with 1998.

Does it really have to do with the Davos Elite Pushing for a global carbon tax?

New headlines claim that 2016 the warmest ever.

Look a bit further and the Davos elite are trying to stop populism globally by more wealth distribution which will mainly be funded by a carbon tax.

So there it is, the lies of a warming planet continue so a global tax can be instituted.

5 thoughts on “2016 NOT Warmest Year on Record – Video”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Adapt 2030. Went through a lot of the video’s that the site has. The information provided is worth the time spent.

  2. Next time I go to my doctor I’m going to demand 1/100th of a degree accuracy in his temperature measurements otherwise I’m going to switch medical practices to one that employs climate scientists !

    • Well there’s the point. Nobody ever says plus or minus a degree. If they did then the claims would be exposed as ridiculous.

      I’m an engineer and when you give data you need to say what the margin of error is. So why don’t we force them to say what the margin of error is for the climate?

      Then there’s the cost. How much tax has been spent to what effect? How much more could have been done with the trillions of dollars ?

  3. It was the warmest only in feeling, because they sprayed chemicals in the atmosphere to refract heat, not reflect it. I’m not the only one in my area to figure this one out. The chemicals would make the sun feel like it was burning the side of your face at 80-85f. and I noticed on the few days they didn’t spray the sun was not hot at all. We have told these AGW assholes their lie was a lie for 20+ years and they new it would become obvious, so they have tried to make it come true for you. Most all, from farmers to city folks here say it was horrible hot, yet we only had 5or6 days above 90f. , and none above 93, hell I’ve seen it over a100 here many times in 60 yrs. I would call it mind control. And there are many more layers to this rotten onion.

  4. If you start at 1930 instead of 1850 of 1960 the Earth’s Temperature has been basically flat with a few dips since 1930.

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