One angry cat in the snow – Video

Minus 22C in Romania.

Moving East, we reach Covasna and Harghita Counties, one of the coldest places in Romania, where the temperature dropped to -22C.
Thanks to Alex Tanase for this link

9 thoughts on “One angry cat in the snow – Video”

  1. It’s impressive, it’s all over the world. If we don’t come to this site (I don’t know of any other one that is doing a similar service) we won’t have an idea of the great number of strong snowstorms everywhere.
    Right on time, I’d say, for the beginning of the new Bond cycle (~ 1500 years).
    If this is the correct analysis, then what we’re seeing now is just the beginning of the great global change towards a colder climate.

  2. Poor baby.. I’m sorry, Robert, but whoever was behind that camera was an ignorant pillock. That cat was not angry.. he was in a state of panic.. he must have been cold and terrified :^(

  3. So far it’s early winter…last winter thousands of wild and domnestic animals died, not to mention humans dead statistic 🙁

  4. Without this site, the whole world north of the tropics will freeze to death and get buried under 9 stories of snow per day when this hits full blast. People better come here and learn fast !!

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