Trump’s failing revolution

“The President’s “swamp draining” efforts are being stymied and outmaneuvered.” – Paul Driessen

President Trump’s energy, climate change and deregulatory policies have reinvigorated manufacturing, economic and stock market growth in the United States in many ways.

However, longtime Washington observer and political adviser Scot Faulkner here offers his solemn assessments of where the President’s “swamp draining” efforts are being stymied and outmaneuvered. The most tragic result, says Faulkner, is that Mr. Trump is spending his time on actions that will likely be swept away with the next Administration.


Trump’s failing revolution

The President must appoint more good, loyal people – or swamp creatures will triumph

Scot Faulkner

President Trump made draining Washington’s Swamp the centerpiece of his Presidency. The swamp is winning.  Its RINOgators are on the verge of destroying the Trump Presidency.

Trump’s Executive Branch is now running on empty. His appointment process is the slowest since Jimmy Carter in 1977. He recently defended his depleted ranks of loyalists, “we don’t need all of the people. You know, it’s called cost saving.”

In fact, Trump not bringing in his loyalists means the Executive Branch is being run by Obama holdovers, and senior careerists, who run the government from acting positions. They owe their last eight years of promotions and bonuses to their loyally enforcing and implementing Obama’s policies.

The swamp is exploiting Trump’s misunderstanding of “people equal policy.”

The few political managers Trump has placed are completely isolated and outmaneuvered. Worse, most of Trump’s appointments are people who owe their loyalty to everyone but Trump. The inner circles of the White House, and legions of political operatives in the Departments and Agencies, wish Jeb Bush were President. Their disloyalty to Trump is manifest in leaks and their ineffectual and slow paced efforts to change anything.

Insiders explain that Trump dislikes people with government experience and that he feels Reagan and his appointees could have done more to shrink government. If that is so, why is he fixated on bringing in Bush alumni who grew government?

Trump declared that he would drain Washington’s swamp by not hiring lobbyists. During the transition, countless personnel clearance forms were used supposedly to prevent lobbyists insinuating themselves. This failed. USA Today reports that more than 100 former federal lobbyists are now working inside the Trump Administration.

Trump has been ill-served and misled from the very beginning. During the spring of 2016, key elements of the Reagan coalition, including Reagan Administration alumni and key think tanks, were ready, willing and able to help Trump be successful. They were ignored.

In June 2016, Trump realized he needed to prepare for being President. Instead of turning to those conservatives who were openly and passionately supporting him, Trump turned to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Where Trump conservatives would have opened the door to legions of proven change agents, Christie opened the flood gates to Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush operatives. Where Trump loyalists would have worked for free, Christie spent millions on hiring the Boston Consulting Group to run the Transition. The Boston Consulting Group had never run a Presidential Transition, but the Managing Partner in charge of the contract was the daughter of longtime Bush loyalist.

The Trump Transition ended up preparing for the Romney/Bush Administration. Even Steve Bannon was duped into believing only the Washington Establishment was capable of helping Trump prepare for his Presidency. Highly capable conservatives, Reagan alumni and professionals who were for Trump since June 2015, were systematically shut out. Never-Trumpers, even ones who ran anti-Trump floor operations at the Republican National Convention, were welcomed.

The Romney/Bush Transition became the Romney/Bush Administration on January 20, 2017. At the same time, Reince Priebus and his minions from the Republican National Committee (RNC) took over core White House operations. This included the Office of Presidential Personnel that clears and recommends all political appointees.

Priebus rightly deserves credit for quelling Republican rebellion in the final months of the 2016 campaign. For this, Trump should have rewarded Preibus with the non-critical Ambassadorship of his choice. Instead, Priebus became Chief of Staff and proceeded to fill Trump’s inner circle with RNC operatives, few of whom even liked Trump.

The RNC operatives in charge of Presidential Personnel placed their friends on Trump’s political front line. They even conducted purges of the few Trump loyalists who had made it inside.  Ironically, Never-Trumpers got away with accusing Always-Trumpers of being disloyal.

While President Trump was signing Executive Orders and making inspiring speeches, the RINOgators of the Washington, DC swamp were commandeering key positions, making sure Trump’s vision would never become a lasting operational reality. They are doing everything possible to protect their swamp.

The most tragic result of Trump being misled is that he is spending his time on actions that will be swept away with the next Administration.

The Washington swamp is drawing Trump into this trap. Time magazine recently ran an alarmist cover story on Trump’s regulatory reductions. Even Trump’s inner circle believes the hype.

His communications director declared, “No President or Administration has deregulated or withdrawn as many anticipated regulatory actions as this one in this short amount of time.” In reality, saving $560 million is a pittance against the $2+ trillion regulatory burden faced by America business.

At best, stopping new regulations is like trimming kudzu. All these bad policies and regulations have only been driven underground. They remain in desk drawers and computer files ready to be unleashed. Unless the underlying policies, people, and laws are changed, all these sidelined regulations will spring forth the moment Trump leaves office.

The people who would actually pull-up the regulatory kudzu by its roots are not in place. Washington, DC’s “RINOgators” have settled in to protect their status quo and wait out Trump.

Real and lasting change will happen only if Trump appoints sufficient numbers of his actual loyalists as soon as possible. He must act quickly and decisively to remove Bush/Romney traitors and replace them with those fully committed to his revolution.

Perhaps the dual attacks by Bush 41 and 43 will open Trump’s eyes to the treachery around him.

Scot Faulkner advises corporations and governments on how to save billions of dollars by achieving dramatic and sustainable cost reductions while improving operational and service excellence. He served as the Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He also served on the White House Staff, and as an Executive Branch Appointee.


16 thoughts on “Trump’s failing revolution”

  1. The swamp got deep and muddy over decades. You think Pres Trump can fix this in 11 months. It is going to take time and lots of heavy duty pumps to drain this thing.

  2. The sky is falling the sky is falling…..

    @POTUS is developing a much better economy. Americans are not blind or stupid. Many are uninformed and that IS the greater danger. Uninformed people do not make good decisions.

    Are we still being fed BLM advertisements by the media? NO. Are we still seeing on every channel Anarchists rioting in our streets and schools? NO. Are we seeing kids camping on streets urinating and crapping on police cars? No Stll think it’s not better? Then why when marches have been called for lately fewer than 50 people showed up and the left was left with egg on their faces over ANOTHER failure. #changeiscoming

    We can all see the economy IS improving and it’s showing up among friends and family who are getting better paying jobs. Those who want to paint a dire picture want to deceive, only see a glass half full and want people to share in their view. They have a purpose and that purpose is to cause you to believe “The sky is falling” when in fact it’s the economy is rising lifting all boats with it.

    I’m an optimist. Yet I see our nation is in trouble. The minute This president leaves office and a Democrat is in office bet your butt, every improvement that people don’t want you to experience and see will be removed and it will be as though things never improved. This is exactly what Democrats ie>>> Globalists and not just national Globalists but International Globalists who live among our elite want. If they can blind us to the improvements we are experiencing then you will have no reason to vote for Republicans again. The proof of this is the similarity of what is happening in the rest of the world at this very moment. This is a Globalist movement with the intention to bring the world into impoverished unity with a super elite class of people on the top running the show. The Average man and woman will become cattle under their form of rule.

  3. There are so many investigations getting under way, that Trumps Democratic enemies are already in disarray and turning on each other with a vengeance to avoid prosecutions. And these will continue long after Trump is gone. The criminality involved in the Bush-Clinton-Obama Neo-Con crime syndicate is so deep and far reaching that his political opponents will be on their heels for many years to come. Clinton and McCain are already wearing ankle bracelets. Trump will easily win a second term.

  4. Makes one wonder how long it will take for We The People to vote in some good folks with the vigor to assist POTUS in the clean up of the “swamp”. And to not only convince, but follow through and have that candidate’s back covered throughout the tenure.
    If we cannot convince honest, republic loving, honest minded people with proper prayer and support, well, one mas as well flatulate, catch it and paint it purple.
    Pure speculation on my part i suppose?

    • Makes one wonder how long it will take for We The People to vote in some good folks with the vigor to assist POTUS in the clean up of the “swamp”.

      Guy it won’t be allowed by legal means.

      • Paper ballots with exit polls would clarify most concerns. Then again when most of the northern trees are buried under ice, paper may prove to be hard to attain?

  5. Wake up, Driessen. The President doesn’t and never has run the country. Is this a basic fact that escapes you? The President serves the fraction of the 1 percent that really calls the shots or they don’t stick around.

  6. You can not change the system from within unless you can forcibly do so otherwise you will not effect change at all particularly if the opposition is hostile to your cause which they are. Peaceful negotiation with a hostile opposition requires ones own surrender. It can’t be done without betraying your own supporters.

  7. Trump never stood a chance against that corrupt cesspool we call a federal government. It is a fraternity of elitists who use it as a playground for their crimes and depredations. After they recovered from the shock of their hand chosen democrat failing to win an election they thought was bought and paid for the 2 sick parties joined forces to ensure a Trump administration failure. No action is beneath to defeat Trump, I fear for the man’s life…

  8. What swamp draining is he even attempting? Appointing a bunch of unqualified billionaires to cabinet positions isn’t swamp draining. Circling yourself with shady people isn’t swamp draining either. The whole swamp draining thing is all talk and a distraction.

  9. I fully expect Trump to play Lucy to our Charlie Brown on kicking the football of politics away from liberal insanity. You don’t get to be president unless you are ready to gut the population with a rusty butcher knife. And how much better to slice them up while they cry “but we thought you were on our side”.

    I hope not but every indicator towards common sense says this is what will happen.

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