24 amazing photos of snowstorm in western New York

Busting down doors, bursting through windows.

Some people had to dig tunnels from their front doors.


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    • The wolves will be getting hungry!!!

      The sun is dying!!!

      The molten band of the equator is slowing!!
      Imagine the destruction if the earth rotation keeps going or speeds up during a magnet reversal/pole shift! There would be basically no warm blooded life left. Guess the aliens knew what they were doing with the geometry grids of aluminum manipulation—- HAAAA LOL

      See Ya

    • There is no more thermohalins conveyer as we used to know it. That is thanks to a warming trend and ice melt. This is however not man made, and it’s not static either. The joy of cyclic behavior is that it corrects to itself. That correction is an ice age. It’s a natural cycle with many inputs not man made CO2 in isolation. Look at how hurricanes track in the Atlantic now. They follow the warmer waters further out toward the middle of the Atlantic. Not the NE coastline. The water close in to shore where the Gulf Stream used to provide damping and regulation against the cold air along the coastal states is diminished/completely gone.

  1. I know they’re on flood watch now since the day highs are in the 40s for the rest of the week, and rain is on the way … but I don’t think there will be much melting since each night will dip below freezing. I’m concerned more roofs will collapse.

    With the albedo effect to factor in as well with just the sheer amount of snow there is, I don’t see how that will melt. There is more snow forecast on 12/01.

    • You’d be amazed how quickly snow can melt with rain on it. It’ll also depend on whether the ground the snow fell on was already frozen or not. If not, it’ll melt from underneath too, even if the air temperature is below zero.

  2. Irrespective of the main topic of this website, ice ages, I wonder how much of this freak weather is down to geoengineering. I believe it is high time Robert took a good look at this subject.
    Has been +15 southern England, exceptionally warm for this time of year, rainy and damp, forgive our coughs and colds, but 1st time I have seen shorts being worn in the Xmas markets LOL.

    • The biggest thing planes can use when they fly over is aerosols…aerosols are notoriously famous for cooling the atmosphere…these people either A) know its cooling and want to amplify it or B) been brainwashed into thinking this is needed to save the planet

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