Heavy snow in France – In May

“The inhabitants of France have not remembered such a cold and ugly spring for a long time.”

Although we already have the middle of May, snowfall in the mountain regions in the south and the center is causing chaos on the roads and power outages.

Spring forgot about the French

14 May 2018 – Snow fell on Sunday in the Upper Loar, Ardèche, Centa, Haute-Loirel and Lozère, triggering an orange weather alert due to snowfall and icing.

In addition, as Meteo France claims, the snow is wet and heavy, which can destroy spring plants, as well as cause tree branches breaking, power outages and roofs collapse. Météo France calls it “heavy and settled, notable and late” in the season.

Four cm of snow appeared at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. it was already at least 12 cm and growing, because the snow is falling and according to meteorologists it will fall until late Monday.

At an altitude above 1 km, the thickness of the snow cover may exceed 50 centimeters.

Heavy May snowfall surprises south Massif Central

In some places, over 12 centimetres of snow has fallen, especially at high altitudes of over 1,400 metres and higher.

Even at over 900 metres, over four centimetres have been recorded, with as much as seven centimetres at altitudes of 1,240 metres.

It is continuing to snow today (Sunday May 13), with Météo France suggesting that up to 50 centimetres could settle in areas higher than 1,000 metres.



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5 thoughts on “Heavy snow in France – In May”

  1. I thought Al Gore the Climate Whore said snow was a thing of the Past? This means AGW = Al Gore’s Wrong!!!

  2. The weather record for the Dalton GSM between SC5 and SC6 would be the same, much later springs and early Autums, with planting season cold and very wet.

  3. 😉 thought struck me..its France
    so the next moaning will come from the fashion industry complaining they cant sell their spring fashion range due to the cold.
    never mind the farmers n stock problems

  4. Worries about the wine will get us no-where. I am more concerned about agriculture now. There should be no new snow at all by May. It only usually lingers at high altitude and you are more likely to see rain. That and melting of the glaciers, normal and seasonal, yet crucial for irrigation (thinking more Hamalayas than Mont Blanc LOL).
    Imagine an advancing glacier that stops melting. No irrigation. Not rocket science is it? This is as scary as the glacier melting completely and nearby land becomes desert like.
    Then with all these stupid and disasterous geoengineering programs that are so ill conceived we could scream, I don’t hold out for much hope at all.
    Never mind, 7.30pm England, another whisky and some more polite yet ethereal philosophical meanderings. Cheers!

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