New Zealand bracing for coldest winter in years

Get ready for one of the coldest winters in years, Metservice says.  Temperatures could run as much as 15ºC below average.


New Zealand is entering a colder than normal winter, according to meteorologist Georgina Griffiths.

“The bottom line for June is great news for ski fields, not so good for power bills,” said Griffiths.

(Note: Georgina Griffiths says she has been misquoted here, and that the Met Service is not predicting 15 degrees below average for winter. See her comment in the comments section below.)

The coldest areas on Thursday morning were around Otago and south Canterbury – Ranfurly dropped to -3.1C and Pukaki -3C.

The deep south has seen ice cold temperatures with snow falling to 300 metres in Otago, Fiordland and Southland.

More heavy snow is due on Thursday with 20 to 40 cm (16 inches) expected above 400 metres across the lower South Island.

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12 thoughts on “New Zealand bracing for coldest winter in years”

  1. There was nothing in that Met Service release that said temperatures could run as much 15 deg below average. What she actually said was that we could have a winter with historically average temperatures after several mild winters. For all I know it might be very cold this winter or it might not but please don’t give out misinformation. We’ll see what this winter brings for NZ.

  2. wonder if any of that will drift upward n over to aus?
    mainland SE aus is supposed to see snow and some cooler days
    avg temps are still 15c n over and nights above 5c
    for “winter” its mildly muggy n rather warm so far

  3. Newshub NOT.
    V little info on why they expect a cold winter. Not even a reference to climate change however the NIWA globe image does depict a deeply wavy jet-stream with cold air to its south so if you already knew what to look for you might just find it.

  4. Time to dig out the winter woollies: Minus temperatures and bitterly cold gales forecast 27 May, 2018
    MetService has issued snowfall warnings for 4 highways
    Heavy snow warning issued for central North Island as chilly weather sets in
    Time to bundle up as freezing temps from Antarctic loom
    27 May, 2018

  5. No matter how cold it is we will still be told it’s warmer than last year and the hottest year on record.

    • Well see that post above. Georgina reveals that the NZ met service is monitoring Iceagenow. And if NZ is monitoring, they all are, they work together on the climate change/AGW story (UK, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ).
      I’m not surprised, They know what is happening to the Planetary temps and that it is becoming increasingly obvious that AGW is a crock. We are on the brink of a grande solar minimum and the West is totally unprepared for what is coming thanks to the nonsense these people have fed to the left wing MSM, who happily print anything that aids the cause.

  6. We need to keep a close watch on the Franz Joseph Glacier.
    Here’s my take. The Little Ice Age saw temperature drops of about 2 or 3 degrees. Not much, but still agriculture got hit. A Big Ice Age sees temp drops of about 10 degrees. Heavens! We are seeing even worse than that. And in such a short time scale.
    I am interested in the Malkovich Cycles but the picture is far from clear. They suggest very slow changes and easy to predict. My own take is that the study is complex and no computer can yet work out.
    I am only an armchair philosopher and I do enjoy a whisky. My excuse is that it gives me my best ideas LOL. You may disagree. But that’s life. Happy life to all. Cheers!

  7. Be prepared for any eventuality! From what I’ve seen recently from ice age proponents including compression events worldwide with massive hailstones and unseasonal heavy snows wiping out crops, reduced sunspot activity, increased UVC being reported, lower and denser cloud cover, the number of volcanoes becoming active recently and even the Inuit people saying the sky and seasons have changed – I do believe climate change is upon us – but more likely a ‘cold change’ than a warm one! Get out and buy extra thermals and stock up on basics while they’re still cheap enough to buy and available!

  8. In Christchurch we had about ten days of very cold weather around mid February. People caught influenza. The Met Service said there was a warm start of the year,though.

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