280,000 residents and businesses still without power

Possible third nor’easter on the way.

10 Mar 2018 – Utility crews are still working to clear downed trees and power lines and restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers in the Northeast.

The heavy, wet snow from the this week’s latest nor’easter pulled down trees, branches and power lines, leaving millions in the dark.

Some forecasts call for yet another system to move up the coast on Monday. However, the European model has the storm veering off in a different direction.


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6 thoughts on “280,000 residents and businesses still without power”

  1. well I have no sympathy for them after how stupid they voted up there for so many years, so freeze babe! That’s the price they pay for voting for a communist dictator Obama!

  2. So yesterday it was 1/2 million, today a bit over 1/4 million.

    That implies almost all restored by end of tomorrow. That’s good news.

    Over time the power companies will put in more robust cables (steel core aluminum wrapped) on stronger poles if this weather continues. People adjust, especially when some misery is involved

    Will require the clueless global warming “leaders” to get some clue, but enough shivering in the dark will provide it. Eventually…

  3. There will be a resonant frequency and pattern for splitting water at a fraction of the energy we do today. Water, when it’s at the right surface tension, dissolves more into solution. I wonder if the solution is to look at Vedic mathematics for a suggestion.

    Water is electronic, thousands of experiments of people directing intention at water samples, show when frozen and sliced massive differences in its structure.

    If water is split, and then you burn the hydrogen you get carbon dioxide and water as the by-products.

    You could have -30 below outside and be warm and be warm and toasty with heat made from the fuel made by your water splitter. You could use that to make some electricity as well.

    Education has been constructed to stop us thinking as laterally. JD Rockefeller who made massive donations said I want workers, not thinkers. If we thought we would wonder what BS we are being fed on a massive scale and would not put up with the status quo.

    I hope whoever works the above out gives it away. If this species wants to survive in number with a quality of life we have to give up the delusion that “the market” is the most efficient way. We make so much crap we throw away or don’t use, and we don’t make things last. Look in the last 60 years how much shorter the life of your white goods is. Look at the limited life of electronics.

    Even the old incandescent light bulb from the 30″s onwards was made to last 2000 hours on average, they knew then how to make them last 8000+

    If you only had to work 2-3 days, what would you do with your time? Remember no one has the right to live at your expense and you don’t have the right to live at someone else expense.

    That’s a biggy.

    Use hemp fiber to insulate your homes now. This has got to be made free to grow and collect seed. Its suppression is 100% criminal and is an act of pure hate given all its uses by Ultra wealth in the last century.

  4. In contradiction to Jimmy55’s comments above, the market had nothing to do with incandescent bulbs lasting only ~2000 hours… that was due to a decidedly non-market collusion of light bulb manufacturers conspiring to design-in a limited lifetime of the bulbs as means of increasing their profits.

    The market would have chosen longer-lived bulbs had they been available, but the oligarchic (near monopolistic) stranglehold on the market by only a few manufacturers who were colluding to limit bulb lifetime precluded such.

    And how did those few manufacturers get to be so few? They yet again colluded to give ‘campaign contributions’ (read: bribes) to elected officials, currying favor so they could get legislation passed that raised the bar of entry into their sector of the market… again, a decidedly non-capitalist means of doing things.

    The failure wasn’t on the part of the market or of capitalism… none of the actions taken by the manufacturers aligned with the tenets of capitalism… namely competition, innovation and free trade.

    The market, as it always eventually does, corrected for the collusion via the innovation of other types of bulbs. Nowadays, you can buy LED bulbs that last practically a lifetime and consume far less electricity than the old incandescent bulbs.

    What the world needs isn’t less capitalism, it needs more of it and less of ‘crony capitalism’.

    Crony capitalism inevitably expands to socialistic totalitarian fascism… what has been termed in the past as a “military-industrial complex” but should have been more accurately termed a “government-industrial collusion”.

    Business stumps for and funds politicians, who pass laws which favor those businesses, keeping out competition for the businesses and keeping the politicians in office… SEIU comes to mind as one example.

    As as we all know, socialism in its various forms has killed more than 124 million people over the past century alone (and impoverished many more), whereas capitalism has lifted more than a half billion people out of poverty.

    So calling for less of “the market” is calling for your own impoverishment, enslavement and possibly demise… not a wise move no matter how you look at it.

  5. In further reply to Jimmy55… the electrolysis of water beyond the Faradaic Limit has already been achieved… some fellow researchers are reporting as much as 1600% above the limit.

    Myself, I’m working on a circuit which strips electrons from the electrolysis process and ‘recycles’ them to cause electrolytic cascade… thus making electrolysis of water an exoergic process.

  6. Jimmy 55, We ever rid ourselves of the oligarchs who control our only six media companies, I expect you and Lol @ Klimate Katastrophe Kooks will join some of the others who are building all sorts of energy-savvy contraptions. But the right technology won’t be funded or permitted now.

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