Amazon rain-forest-fire scam

“Here is an excellent article concerning the burning Amazon nonsense that media and climate catastrophists have been pushing,” says reader Ian Campbell.

“I thought the closing paragraph of this piece did the best job of putting AGW in perspective that I have seen:”

“The most fervent devotees of climate change don’t really want science, no matter how often they invoke the word; they want drama and memorable images, believing they will catalyze action in a way that a properly modulated account of the best research won’t.

If they have to blow their credibility, one faux emergency at a time, so be it.”

Earlier, the article explained pooh-poohed the entire fiasco:

“The fires aren’t an epochal event. According to the New York Times, the Brazilian agency tracking fires by satellite image reports that, at this point in the year, it’s the highest number of fires identified since 2010, which obviously isn’t thousands of years ago, indeed, not even a decade ago. In the 10 years prior to 2010, there were years when the number of fires was much higher.

“The fires aren’t the spontaneous result of global warming. The program director of the group Amazon Watch told CNN, “…the majority of these fires were set by farmers preparing Amazon-adjacent farmland for next year’s crops and pasture.

“Much of the land that is burning was not old-growth rain forest, but land that had already been cleared of trees and set for agricultural use.”

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  1. Probably the more serious issue is that for decades the Amazon jungle has been cleared for temporary agriculture. Most of the biomass is contained above ground. The forest floor composting layer recycles nutrients but after removal of the forest you are left with loose nutrient-poor sandy material that is incapable of sustaining more than a few seasons of crops. Back in the 60s Dunlop cleared a huge area for rubber plantations which failed catastrophically because they failed to appreciate this.

    The Amazonian natives built-up “gardens” by digging in much wood ash and charcoal, blood and bone and manure because the actual soil was too poor to produce much. To-day these little patches of “terra preta de Indio” are often mined and sold for profit. The natives practiced a form of permaculture for thousands of years until whiteman interfered.

    There must be some ulterior motive behind this recent high-lighting of forest burning. Perhaps the leader has offended someone in The West or perhaps it’s a good poster-child pre UN climate conference.

    Until the average farmer can earn more than $US10/day they are bound to do what it takes to survive. By rights, Brazil ought to be a wealthy developed nation but they’ve been done-over by many a multi-national and the global banking sector. Their mineral resources are similar to Australia’s and if permitted to develop they’d become wealthy enough to be able to preserve the jungle ecosystem rather than decimate it.

  2. In Norway, and maybe EU, the term “ecological” applies to food grown without artificial fertilizer (not a GMO issue).

    At first it was OK to import manure from Brazil produced from cows fed via artificial fertilizer. Now it is not allowed anymore. Fresh rain forest is required.

  3. Farmers Talk Frost Dates and Farm Stress

    “Most of our 105-day corn needs 2,500 GDUs to reach black layer,” he explained. “That puts us out to October 10. Normal first frost for Nowak Farms is October 5.”

    In southeast Michigan, where some corn has yet to tassel, Raymond Simpkins is watching a similar timeline unfold. “We probably need until the third week of October for good maturity,” he said. “We usually get a hard frost the first week of October.”

    Nowak is actually ahead of many in his region; he planted most of his corn in early May while many Minnesota acres were planted after May 20. “[I see] a 50-50 chance that a normal first frost or close to there will wipe out half a billion bushels of corn,” he concluded.

    ‘Snow-verload’ expected for winter 2019-20, says Old Farmer’s Almanac

    The Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Winter 2020 Will Be ‘Freezing’ and ‘Frigid’

  4. I often wonder if environmentalist groups don’t start bush fires themselves for dramatic effect to boost their green propaganda.

    I tend to take any news cover about environmental issues with a pinch of salt.

  5. The Brazilian President has declared that he wants to wipe out the indigenous people. Burning the forests is one way to accomplish that. The soil is never good for more than one or two years as farm land after the trees are gone as it is either too nutritionally deprived to grow anything or is caliche which turns pretty much to cement.

    • yup good ol crony capitalism communist style
      what happens after he rakes in the bribes and the lands stuffed doesnt matter to him or the others.
      becauise the locals are small tribes and might have the odd blowdart etc they dont stand a chance of fighting back
      that might well change if a leader can unite them, its a slim chance due to what appears to be some eons old isolation from the others by choice though

  6. @Sharon
    Quote please, with a link. I don’t buy it the way you served it. This sounds like tipical leftist’s smear to me.

  7. Because there are no huge fires in California this year, thanks to the excess of water they got over the winter and spring months, it’s my guess that Amazon is being used as a substitute to carry on the alarmists’ claims of imminent doom thanks to Climate Change. I don’t buy their claims.

  8. Not exactly on subject, but what’s with the massive global die-off of insects?

    Is Monsanto a major player in this world-wide catastrophe, or is it the increase in cosmic rays reaching the earth or what?

    No one knows.

    However, if it keeps up- as it shows every sign of doing-a new ice age will be the least of our agricultural worries.

    Not to mention all the other functions insects fulfil.

    I just hope and pray that the chiggers die off before I do. Then I can die happy!

  9. What effect will this die-off have on the proponents of bug-eating, roach milk, etc?

    I hope their bug farms go belly up- literally! Encouraging roaches to multiply is just EVIL !

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