3½ ft of new snow in Colorado

19 May 2017 – Heavy snowfall shut down highways, caused thousands of power outages and forced schools and businesses to close.

The highest reported snow total so far was 42 inches near Allenspark, Colo., the National Weather Service said. Many other locations picked up between two and three feet.

It was Denver’s biggest mid-May snow in 42 years.


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3 thoughts on “3½ ft of new snow in Colorado”

  1. Is it May or me, this is one of the most screwed up corn planting seasons here in IL. I’ve ever seen in my 58 yrs here. I couldn’t find any info but these guys have only had less than a week of planting time so far this yr, and it should be about 4, no beans in yet around here. I don’t think it’s 50% yet, they just got about 2 days in and caused a hell of a dust storm with30-40 mph. winds now it’s pouring again. It will be late June or July before they get done now, that’s if it drys up for the next month. Robert, is correct when he claims food shortages before your covered with snow, the water from these rather LARGE storms will do it first- see it now. The 10 and 15 k acre farmers are going to fail fast from short planting time slots, they already aren’t getting enough time.

  2. your downside up from us….so?
    this is your early summer?
    peak heat time is june/july?
    not looking like summer, more like midwinter to me.
    pretty trippy weather

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