Greenland having one of its coldest years on record

“The BBC has taken a brief respite from trying to make people panic about toilet paper. They returning to their normal agenda of trying to make people panic about the climate.”
– Tony Heller

Ten years ago the Guardian warned that Greenland was going to collapse in ten years.

And yet, according to NASA, Greenland’s largest glacier, the Jacobshavn Glacier, has grown for the past three years in a row.

And Greenland’s other famous glacier, the Petermann Glacier, has grown since 2012.

This is quite a change from 80 years ago, when all of Greenland’s glaciers were melting.

Thanks to Burt Rutan for this video
(Yes, that Burt Rutan.)

21 thoughts on “Greenland having one of its coldest years on record”

  1. Just like the nurse GF, head of the VON, back in 1995 planning for the 2009 FBFV (Bird not Beer).

    Really, we want to know why the CDC posted job notices across the USA for a Quarantine Program Public Health Advisor on 11/15/2019—2 months before the Wuhan outbreak?!

  2. I live in The Piedmont region of N.C. near Charlotte. We are in south west central part of state. I have read about upcoming extended minimum that is coming. But we have had a particularly warm winter this year. What do you attribute to this ? Do you expect our winters to get colder and of so when?

  3. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette all enter the International Breast Stroke Swim across the English Channel.
    After about 8 hours, the brunette makes it across, followed shortly by the redhead.
    No sign of the blonde.
    After 12 hours they decide they’d better go look for her when she pretty much washes up on shore.
    They rush over to her and wrap her in warm blankets and give her a hot drink.
    After a few minutes, she is breathing easier and says, “I don’t like to tattle, but I think those other ladies were using their arms!”

  4. I’m not surprised the entire BBC Science editorial team of 23 “editors” are fully signed up to AGW and promoting the propagnader ending Carbon based energy production to achieve NetZero not by 2050 but 2030.
    The BBC is nothing more than a WOKE, and what we call a LeftWAFFA propagander service for the indocinated social elite middle class in the UK. – Think 81 years ago and you will get the gag.
    But for the cold climate effects of the Grand Solar Minimum which started in 2008 with the first active cycle SC24 of this modern GSM, with the effects being locked into the Shell fish record after 10 years in NH freash water lakes, as per documented Swiss peer reviewed research looking at the LALIA period concluded the change in historic times was abrupt to Cold, Wet and very Windy. Much as 2018 to 2020 has shown.
    Greenland is following the same track as every other named GSM since the 10th Centry: Oort, Wolf, the Spoorer pair, the Maunder Pair, Dalton and the many cold Gliessberg periods like the 60 years one from 1880 to 1940.

  5. 🙂 gf sent a pic of her cherished antiques
    seems cleaning cupboards unearthed xmas wrapped decorated TP rolls
    made me laugh

    • No. Too dangerous. It may be safer to catch the virus. Two guys got in a such fight over toilet paper here that the store had to call in the cops. I understand one of the guys was taken to the hospital, and now the store has armed guards. Over toilet paper!

  6. Two articles on the Weather website today about Greenland and polar ice is melting faster than ever and sea level is rising because of that so we have to end carbon emissions right now, or else we’ll have runaway global warming. No mention that Greenland is record cold and it was -65F this week and been like that since Sept.
    Also, no mention on there of the blizzards this week in the Midwest stopping farmers from planting.
    That’s what the general public is watching today weather wise provided by the Ministry of Truth. Climate propaganda, must stop carbon emissions or else.
    40 millions Californians on lockdown, that should help with their carbon goals. Winning.

  7. Yes it’s getting much colder and the BBC stinks!
    Don’t ever listen to any of them.
    They’re just as bad as CNN (Communist News Network) here!

  8. For more up-to-date nonsense from the BBC just listen to the BBC’s World Service (aka the BBC Weird Service), a reliable and consistent source of propaganda on climate, renewable power, Green politics, economics, etc, and a source of many notably partisan (and over emotional) stories on refugees, China, the Middle East, Africa, and anti-Trump.

    The BBC only has journalist who craft ‘stories’ (aka manufacture propaganda), the BBC does not employ reporters who can unemotionally and disinterestedly report the facts as witnessed.

  9. I stocked my TP early on. Tried to tell my friends, but no one would listen.

    I’m thinking of changing my name to Cassandra.

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