39 inches of snowfall in 24 hours

“Mission Ridge Ski Area in Washington State reported 39 inches (1 meter) of snowfall in 24 hours from Sunday to Monday,” says reader.

“I was there to ski the very deep dry powder all day Monday! Long live skiing which will not be dying anytime soon thanks to bountiful powder snow and cold which I have seen every season of my 35 years consecutive years of skiing!

Cliff Mass Weather Blog on the 39″ of “historic” snowfall at Mission Ridge:

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4 thoughts on “39 inches of snowfall in 24 hours

    • To clarify, I’ve seen bountiful powder snow and cold in my 35 years of skiing in numerous mountain ranges where I ski including the central Cascades where Mission Ridge is located. Cliff Mass called it “historic,” but I remember a similar event at Mission Ridge in the early 90s (I ditched school to go skiing that day). Being located on the eastern flanks of the Cascades, this is certainly a rare event for Mission Ridge, but not for locations on and west of the Cascade crest.

  1. well……the climate is certainly NOT getting warmer lol. This article proves that pretty clearly……

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