Two 4.3 earthquakes hit USA today

One in Ohio, the other in Oklahoma.

Earthquakes around the world
Interactive map (Seismic monitor)


Earthquakes in North America
Interactive map (Seismic monitor) 

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7 thoughts on “Two 4.3 earthquakes hit USA today”

  1. Hey, not to worry. The USGS has previously stated that there isn’t any increase in the number, severity, or distribution of earthquakes. If ‘THEY’ say it, it must be true. LoL LoL LoL

  2. Ran across this item on an Australian News site :

    Intitially no connection to the earthquakes other than time and general location but the last statement caught My eye :

    “But when the birds started dying, I had my compass out: it went crazy, spinning and unable to find north.”

    I mapped out the locations on google earth starting with the Oklahoma and Ohio quakes , and the locations for earthquakes in the past 15 years in between them , one of those locations , was the New Madrid siesmic zone, and found this handy little map

    Under normal circumstances the tip of the reelfoot rift magnetic anomaly extends to a point 150 km ENE (approx) of Beebe , I`m guessing it both extended and became more intense during the quakes.

    It could go some way to explaining why a flock of birds didn`t know which way was up anymore

  3. Once a long time ago, there was a place in prehistoric Africa where a river washed and collected enough radioactive material in a bend of the river to form a “natural” reactor.

    Has anyone else heard of this and how such a thing could alter a “pre-Lucy” hominid?

    • Yes, It’s in Oklo, near Gabon. I write about this in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.” Natural nuclear reactions have also occurred in other areas of our planet.

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