485 scientific papers undermine so-called consensus – Video

The science is not nearly as settled among climate scientists as people imagine.

An entire series of papers – 485 published in 2017 alone – have been ignored by the mainstream media.


“Crumbling” consensus is an understatement

Thanks to Ron de Haan for this video


4 thoughts on “485 scientific papers undermine so-called consensus – Video

  1. Here’s an article I generated and posted on military veteran blog “This Aint Hell”. I downloaded the paper that people like to reference regarding the “97% consensus”, and saw that it didn’t support that consensus. In fact, that conclusion is academic dishonesty, the majority of the papers they downloaded didn’t even stake a position on man made global warming.

    Myth of the 97% Scientist Consensus on Global Warming:


  2. mainstream pharmas /climate science with the agw bent/politics over reds under beds/false flag wars n dramas
    its all so same same
    lies deception halftruth no truth and a profit for some scumbags as the goal, along with undeserved and unwarranted social control
    we live in a very very sick n twisted world;-(

    and they sledge us who question their “authority” and we?? are espoused as the bad guys for daring ask the hard questions..
    times change tides turn
    we just have to be tenacious truthful and patient

  3. Dave Tolleris From Wxrisk. Com is very confusing he will agree on one side then turn around and agree with the other side I ingore him now days since he belittles everyone that trys to question what he says.

  4. Can anyone give a convincing answer to the question: Why are TPTB so keen on terrifying us all with the idea of Global Warming?

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