50 inches of new snow for Wolf Creek ski area

Wolf Creek ski area just across the NM border in Colorado got 50 inches (127 cm) of new snow from the latest storm cycle.

The Winter season starts in two weeks, but Wolf Creek has already had over 13 feet (3.96 meters) of snowfall!


Thanks to Josh for this link

7 thoughts on “50 inches of new snow for Wolf Creek ski area”

  1. We are now about 20 degrees below normal in our temps here in Houston. Weatherman is scratching his head, and it seems like the Farmer’s Almanac is bombing as far as weather prediction is concerned. The upload is that we have had some good rain here, just not enough.

  2. I actually believed global was happening, but of course if it is snowing in the Rockies and cold in Houston then it can’t be.

    Thank you for enlightening me.

  3. There’s been about 50 inches in the past 2 days in the Loetschental in Switzerland the past two days. Plenty of resorts in france, Switzerland and Western Austria recording 50cm+ with another 24 hours of the storm still to go.

    Good thing too, as pretty much the whole of the Alps was green 2 weeks before the Christmas rush!

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