50 million people under winter storm watches, advisories

Up to 30 inches (75 cm) of snow forecast for parts of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.
The winter storm that brought havoc to the Midwest over the Thanksgiving weekend was rolling through the Northeast on Monday, dumping up to a foot (30 cm) of snow – or more – from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts to New Hampshire.

More than 50 million people remained under winter storm advisories or warnings a week after the historic storm first smashed onto the Pacific Coast as a bomb cyclone.

Both New York City and Boston are bracing for a few inches of snow, while much heavier snow is likely in their northern and western suburbs.


14 thoughts on “50 million people under winter storm watches, advisories”

  1. It snowed earlier than expected in New York City. It will probably also snow more than expected there. Thanksgiving holiday has to be very early for them, even though it’s already been winter elsewhere for months now.

  2. What pray tell is a “bomb” cyclone. There’s enough BS floating around regarding Global Warming without trying to inject some non related descriptions to try & divert attention away from the fact that temperatures are headed down instead of up!
    Here in Australia we have thunderstorms being described as rain “bombs” amongst other rediculous descriptions.

    • hi Graham,
      its a term “bombogenesis” used correctly
      how new it is I am unsure
      but the bomb is just MSM making it simples for the gullibles and scary sounding .

      and yes I bet you, like me are already ragingly angry at the ramped up BS hitting the airwaves non stop to ry n get the COP26 meme of fear panic into higher gear to get pressure to sign our nations sovreignty and money…to the eurocrats
      aunty abc is in full froth at mouth mode.

    • I had this discussion with relatives on Thanksgiving. It’s the stupid media trying to sensationalize everything!

      I was told they no longer call “snow flurries” snow flurries (they couldn’t remember what they are calling them) now in New Hampshire (land of long cold winters with plenty of snow).

  3. A bomb cyclone is a meteorological term for a low pressure area that drops X number of millibars of pressure within a 12 or 24 hour period of time.

  4. Coming up with labels .. such as “bomb” cyclone and Put a Name that Storm and Vortex and unusual “cold” Front – creates a diversionary misdirectional Scapegoat for the reality of ( Never say this! ) Global Colding….. TV Weather Talking Heads leave the impression that they’re under Global Orders to bend over backwards to somehow still make nice-nice over any cold temps.. …. I’d pay a dollar to hear just one of them face the camera and say, “Face it folks, all that Manmade Global Warming talk was just a Farce!” 😀

  5. Interesting little observation, the dear old BBC doesn’t appear to have reported this AT ALL. Maybe it doesn’t fit their warmist agenda?

  6. now tell me;-)
    how many seriously commited( or should be commited) youth are doing their Friday school strikes for grumpyGretas great global gullibles scam,
    in the snow regardless because..its so seriously a crisis emergency terror panic “thing”

  7. Each part of US lucky that they already seen snow ; however, we Atlanta people always ignored by God and god has no mercy toward us to give us plenty snowstorms as other part of country get. Can someone tell we are very cruel people that god never look toward us in the winter ?

  8. Robert,

    My little town got a feather in it’s cap, for we got the most snow of any town in New Hampshire during the recent event. Thirty-six inches. It was a double barreled affair, and both on the morning of December 2 and December 3 we awoke to more than a foot of snow, when expecting only 4 inches. It was great how everyone rallied around to clear up the mess. However already we are running out of places to put the snow, and the first day of winter is still more than two weeks away! But rain might be worse, for then roofs might collapse.

    If you’re interested, I describe the event in my long winded way here:


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