50 percent losses for Burgundy winegrowers

The cold snap that hit France this week caused Burgundy winegrowers to fear the worst.

Under threat was the famous Chablis vineyards, where last year the crop was devastated by unseasonal rain and frost in April, followed by hail in June.

One winemaker in Maligny said: “I think that we are close to 50% losses on the farm, and after the year 2016 that we lived through, it is a bit desperate. We set up heaters on some of our plots, but when we go below -5 ° C, they are ineffective.”





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“Not only Russia had late frosts,” says Victor. “It happened all over Europe. There are spectacular images from France where the farmers try to save their crops from frost.”

8 thoughts on “50 percent losses for Burgundy winegrowers”

  1. up north you have the cold slipping down
    down sth we have the cold sth winds pushing UP and ruining our rainfall, everytime we get a decent tropical high thats looking good for rain all over drought areas, the damn sth appears and away it goes;-(
    so far this month we have 1.2MM of rain- now with frosts also likely soon it will be blackfrost and deadly to remaining anything still hanging on.
    wines not essential to life but grains n veg and fruit are . buy what canned or dried extras you can to tide you over.

  2. I have to say those pictures of the vineyards are amazing as global warming takes effect. Here in the UK, after the hottest Easter evah, my heating is back on and not because I turned it on, it is just so cold that the thermostat is turning it on. Having made the mistake of taking a thinner coat to football matches, it was back to the warm coat over the last few days. No sign of global warming this week.

    • Gerry, 20 years ago we were promised 2C rise in temperature with the UK South coast having a Mediterranean climate and French wine growers moving North to England as France become too hot for the grape.
      Hasn’t happened, Our Sun decided it need a rest and in 2008 executed a Gravity well programed Grand Solar Minimum as per Dalton 1970 to 1820. You know, the Victorian period which created the Snowy Christmas Card, and Christmas as we know it today.
      NASA has now indicated -1.5C Drop in average temperatures over the next solar cycle and beyond.
      & yes the UK benefits from its oceanic climate and from Southerly Jet Streams bringing Hot weather from Africa instead of powering the Trade winds from Africa to Northern South America, any wonder the Tropical Storm season are less than usual in North America, the heat which powers them has gone elsewhere.

  3. So, finally, something that will effect the Rothschild Family. (Mouton Lafitte Rothschild vineyard)

  4. Another Arctic plunge is moving south though Norway and the UK over the next few days. By Friday/Saturday Snow on Scottish hills, with the Cold front anchored to a Low parked over Finland. The front will swing down over France during next week and into Alpine regions bringing cold, frosty weather and snow to Alpine regions.
    All connected to Meridional Jet Stream weather tied to very low levels of UV and coronial holes in the Sun’s atmosphere continually refreshing High Pressure systems ridging up from the Azores High..
    30 more years of this and it might just start to warm back up.
    And yet CO2 will continue to rise, helped by the Overturning current injecting cold CO2-laden water into the base of the Pacific water Column, water that has taken 500 years to leave the Arctic during the LIA and arrive close to Mau Loa for its surface CO2 to be outgassed.

  5. Looks like another attempt to raise prices!

    Look for 2019 to be declared a “Vintage” year.

    Every farmer is a liar about crop losses, they report more than what got damaged!

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