50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown in “I Am Open” Protest

Huge act of civil disobedience plans to conduct business as usual in spite of “anti-Covid” measures. Similar protests spreading across Europe.


Yesterday, Friday, January 15, more than 50,000 restaurants were planning to open in an act of mass civil disobedience against “anti-Covid” lockdown measures. The measures have massively hurt the restaurant business, especially small family-owned businesses.

Italian opposition MP Vittorio Sgarbi has backed the movement, saying in an interview:

“Open up, & don’t worry, in the end we will make them eat their fines”.


A similar movement already started in Mexico on January 12th, when hundreds of restaurant owners gathered to protest the lockdowns:

“It’s either open up or we die.” –500 restaurants

“I am Open” protests spreading across Europe

The “I am Open” protest is spreading across Europe as well, with variants already taking hold in German-speaking Switzerland (#Wirmachenauf) and Poland (#OtwieraMY).

“It’s good to be reminded that, no matter how much it looks like the new normal is spreading unopposed, it’s not. People all over the world are resisting where they can. That’s what “Covid Positive” is all about.

‘To follow the progress of this movement we recommended following Robin Monotti and the It’s Time to Rise accounts on twitter and other platforms.”


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6 thoughts on “50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown in “I Am Open” Protest”

  1. personally in high infection rate nations,,, wtf is wrong with takeaway?
    they might open but Id say a lot of customers mightnt take the option..but then, theres always Darwin Award contenders;-)

    • Hi infection is not high death rate
      so far in over a year only 2 million people have died out of a world population of 8 billion
      1957 pandemic 1 to 2 million died in 18 months
      1968/9 pandemic 2 to 4 million died. world population for both was 4 billion
      then there was the 1918 pandemic in which 50 to 100 million died [some sources quote 200 million] out of a then world population of 1.8 billion

      • According to full-on-recorded cases,Over 10 million people got killed by H3N2 in britain,When the population was 24-28 million?? No lockdowns for that. Stupid fascist mother fuckers trying to take NATO/UN down.

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