680 Water Systems in Texas Issue Boil-water Notices

I live in one of those cities. We’ve suffered five days and five nights, 24 hours a day, with temperatures far, far below the freezing point. Record cold. And no heat.

680 Water Systems in Texas Issue Boil-water Notices

Robert W. Felix

I live in one of those cities. We’ve suffered five days and five nights, 24 hours a day, with temperatures far, far below the freezing point. Record cold. And no heat.

People in the north will say it is no big deal for it to be that cold for so long, but for someone who recently moved to Texas (a half hour southwest of Fort Worth) , this was quite a surprise.

The beeping began at 6 am Monday when my power went out. The power went out because the thermometer read only 4°F (-15.6°C) and the Texas electric grid couldn’t handle it. Cities all across Texas were struggling with the cold, and the powers that be – very wisely, I think – decided to institute rolling blackouts to keep the power grid from crashing.

Happily, the power came back on a few hours later. And then it shut off. And then it came back on. And then off. And then on. Thank God (or whoever, or whatever, you believe in) for rolling blackouts. Only complaint I have with rolling blackouts is that the power always seems to go off just when you get hungry and decide to start cooking. Then – wham! – the house goes black.

Some cities never got to enjoy those rolling blackouts. Some cities, entire cities mind you, remained without any sort of power for days on end. I hate to think of all those people living in mobile homes without adequate insulation protecting the water pipes beneath their homes.

Anyway, back to the beeping. I jumped out of bed because I knew where the beeping was coming from. It was coming from the battery backup system I had connected to my computer. There’s a lot more to this story, but I won’t bore you with the details because literally millions of Texans (somewhere around nine million) were suffering the same fate. The next morning was even colder: minus! 1 degree Fahrenheit (-18.3°C).

And the cold continued. My thermometer never rose above the freezing point until this morning.

But what about the boil-water notices? Well, we noticed our water pressure begin going down, and down, and down. Got so bad that it would take almost a minute to fill a glass of water. And then it got worse; so bad that our toilet tanks were unable to fill. As I checked around, I found that most of the people in my neighborhood were suffering the same fate: Then I learned that there was little or no water pressure across almost the entire city.

Some of my neighbors decided to form a ‘posse’ as a show of force and go down to the local water district to demand better treatment. But when I learned that the extreme cold had forced more than 680 water systems in the state to issue boil water notices, I figured that their ‘show of force’ would be an exercise in futility. The reason for the falling water pressure was that the extreme cold was affecting the water pumps, and the reason for the boil-water notices was that the water treatment facilities had frozen.

Luckily, power outages in Texas dropped below 1 million for the first time Thursday. And today (Friday), at noon, my thermometer reads 33°F (0.6°C). Hooray! Above freezing for the first time in 5 days! My water pressure is back to normal, my house is comparatively warm, and I was able to take a hot shower this morning. Double hooray! Still have to boil the water for a few days until the system flushes out, but still, real water, contaminated or not, comes rushing out of my faucets.

This morning I actually feel lucky. According to msn.com, as of yesterday at least 37 people have died because of weather-related fatalities since last Thursday, with the majority of those deaths in Texas.

“Without power or heat, some Texans posted videos on social media of them burning old furniture to stay warm,” said msn.com. “Others shared images of flooding caused by burst pipes and collapsed ceilings.”

Tonight, the temperature here is forecast to drop to 14°F (-10°C). Then it will start to get warmer.

Is this the beginning of a new little ice age? Or of a full-fledged ice age? I don’t know. What I do know is that it sure as hell isn’t global warming.

I hope that thinking people all over the world will begin to understand the massive lies that AGW proponents have been fostering on us.

It makes no difference whether it gets warmer or colder, CO2 is not – not! – the driving force.

45 thoughts on “680 Water Systems in Texas Issue Boil-water Notices”

  1. Get a woodstove and at least 1 cord of wood should be enough in Texas? And if you have to, you can burn anything made of wood. Even old books will keep you warm.
    Even though it is hard work stacking and hauling wood inside and I am getting too old, I still can’t imagine going into a winter here in the Adirondacks of NYS without at least 4 cords of wood and I have a natural Gas furnace, which won’t work without power. My natural Gas Stove and oven will still work if the power is out though and my water heater also. So there are 2 sources of heat.
    You could also get a Big Buddy heater (Infrared) which works with the same Propane tank as the one you would use for your outdoor grill, Mine came with a 15 foot gas hose, so you can put the tank in a somewhat safe place while using it.

  2. Thanks for the update, always more interesting with the personal notations. It is my prayer that it will wake up the left and stimulate some thinking as to the lies we have been hearing for so long. Perhaps weather, cold weather can alter the green agenda that is so stupid in the first place.

  3. The misery that a simple winter storm is causing is more indicative of our dependence on modern conveniences rather than an sign of climate change.

    I imagine when these storms came in the 1800’s people would simply throw another log on the fire and bundle up when they went out.

    Self reliance used to be taught and admired.
    Now its the punchline to a joke and instead we are all supposed to be victims of something.

  4. one thing many will experience in Texas in the near future can be refrigerator and freezer problems , along with other appliances because of low Voltage before the Black out.

  5. Weather like this is getting more extreme more often. Every year winters are getting colder & longer, ice deposits are lasting thru summer and increase in size the following winter.
    In agriculture growing seasons are shortening & we all know where that’s go to lead us. Time to get rid of President Joe Fraud & the Democrats before they do untold damage,

  6. We are on our third day of low water pressure. For two days it has been a trickle, and today it is finally a slow ribbon. There are two water main breaks just down the street from my house. I saw three water main breaks along Bayou Rd, a main thorough fare in my community. My daughter heard on Facebook that they were handing out water at city hall. By the time she got there, there was literally a mile long line. Shortly after that they ran out of water. My daughter finally gave up, since there was no idea when more water would be available. News from the city is only available on Facebook. We found out about the water boil directive on ABC13 local news, and an alarm on the cell phone. No messages from the local community. When I called the water department, all you get is a message to leave a voice mail which you can’t, because the box is full. When I called the non-emergency number for the police, I was asked why I called them. They connected me to the water department, which this time was answered, I guess since it was from the police. They told me that Gulf Coast Water Authority turned off the water because of multitudes of water breaks. Not a message from the local community. Very unimpressed with local government. My cousin from California asked me if FEMA was helping. What FEMA? Haven’t seen any. Fourth day now without water pressure and counting…

  7. What’s probably most frustrating is that we could have abundant, uninterrupted power (minus power ones being knocked down obviously) if everyone wasn’t trying to be “green”.

    My personal opinion is that we should be “green” building our houses: super tight, energy efficient, good air filtration. This will be a win for the homeowner with reduced energy costs, more comfortable temp more consistently and cleaner, healthier indoor air. The power system wins with peopl using less wasted energy try to cool (or heat) air that is getting through the poorly sealed house.

    My first house in the Palm Springs area built by a good builder was amazing. I ran my AC at 80 and it was so cold during the daytime that my wife had to turn up the temp while she was sleeping (she worked nights at the time) and it was 105+. It shows what a well built house will do.

    I’m in the Huntsville, AL area and hoping to buy a lot to build a house on this year. It will be ultra energy efficient with a back-up generator. Only bummer is that where one of the few large lots available is in an area that has no natural gas to those streets, but I’ll bury a 1,000 gallon propane tank.

    I want to do a sealed raised foundation with a mini basement (400 sq ft or so) for the mechanical room. I’d love to do tankless water heat on propane but I gotta see how much it’ll realistically use throughout the year.

    • Tankless water heaters are a mixed bag. It’s a nice idea not to have to keep water warm but you have to run the hot water faucet at medium to high pressure in order for the tankless heater to operate. Slow the water down, like you might to rinse dishes, and it will cut off. I am quite convinced after owning 2 of these that we use more water than with a tank hot water heater. Also, it is not “quicker” unless you have multiple heaters located near kitchen and main bath, laundry. Get the builder to show how the water is distributed – our “quality” slab-built house must have one big pipe from water heater to middle of house where it branches out. We have to run water for over a minute in the master bath to get the hot water on the wall next to the tankless heater! PS we are also in Huntsville!

    • Hey Eric…

      Ansel here.

      I’m a self-employed carpenter with 30 years experience.

      After reading about the severe, even life threatening pitfalls of living in an urban environment, to see words like “lot” and “street” in your post, really surprised me.

      In that environment, your natural gas, water, power, heat, EVERYTHING you rely upon for survival will be meted out by the powers that be… or not… as many in Texas can attest to first-hand.

      Raw, rural acreage costs less than city plots, and allows access to ground water, fuel in the form of trees and there are usually less building codes to contend with.

      With all due respect, if weathering the storm ahead is your intention, I think you have missed the mark.

  8. In the words of the BBC and British Melt Office (sic) its just a cold snap.Quite a bit shy of the temperatures across Canada and Russia but they are prepared. So when you think about it, less than a week of serious cold can cause this much disruption and chaos. As all those water pipes thaw the leaks and water damage might be horrendous.
    I live in the UK and we tend to get whatever America gets with a delay of 2 to 3 weeks. We’ve been extremely lucky this winter, while everyone else has seen scary temperatures, we have just seen a cold spell, albeit Scotland had a whack of cold but that’s Scotland for ya. I notice we have sun spots today after a break of 13 to 14 days – if spaceweather.com can make up their mind. With little in the way of an increase in solar activity, next winter could be savage. Considering we get our warmth straight off the Gulf Stream, I reckon we could have a long cold spring but next winter we may be joining the giant icicle club with the rest of you.

  9. I am so proud of all the residents of Texas.

    It is such a small price to pay to advance the correctness of Green Energy. To save the planet. Their minor sacrifices will go a long way to save the Planet and stop the destruction of life on Earth.

    I have been watching video after video of the sacrifices the wonderful people of Texas are making…..no water…no heat….no electricity….no food….. bursting pipes, ……and can only watch, here from Florida, on my iPad, as I sit by my pool and wonder at the dignity and devotion of those in Texas. It is such a small price to pay.

    I salute them. Last night I was forced to turn my A/C to 74 due to the discomfort of Global Warming and the Hear we endure in South Florida…… I know what it means to sacrifice, since I had to turn on the oven to bake my Pizza. I know the price they are paying for all of us.

    I wish my State (Florida) had more Green Energy so I, too, could sacrifice for the Planet.

    The “Pioneer” spirit, the “we are all in this together”, the “sacrifice for the common good” are all excellent tools to build character for the residents of Texas. I am so proud of them and support their Green Efforts.

    Oh, my kids are splashing my iPad, (from the pool), so I have to move my Margarita and hot Crab&Jack Cheese dip into the living room……I’ll be right back…

    • I dont know you, but cause of this stupid idea of global warming (AGW) people are suffering or dying, are you stupid or are you pretending !?
      The Earth is healthy, his residents are becoming alienated.
      You are making fun of the suffering of your ‘patriotic loved ones’.
      -Robert, this guy is drunked?

      • No. I am not drunk. In fact, sadly, I am classified as “genius”, by “G” IQ standards. But I have also been diagnosed as “on the Autism Spectrum”..

        My comment is Satire, so well written some of you have to be told that.

        On the way home from work today, I was writing, in my head, more of this to demonstrate the complete and utter stupidity of “Man Made Global Warming”……It is a fraud. It is a fake as the Federal Reserve Notes you use as money.

        You have made me feel bad, so I am going to sit, alone as I prefer, and to think about my next comment. I was going to force my 14 year old daughter to experience “Texas” and Green Energy by forcing her to take a shower without Hot Water. This would be a good lesson to teach her “we are all in this together” and she can “sacrifice” by not using any hot water, to show conformity and solidarity, and that Hot Water Matters….but some of you won’t get it……………

      • Sarcasm Martin, sometimes difficult to bring that through on the Web. Those of us that have read Centurions other posts know it was sarcasm.

  10. Robert, I am glad that you are back in civilization.

    Here in Galveston County, 49 degrees today. I was fortunate I never lost power. My house is close to a big HEB supermarket and the power company tries to keep them open all the time. I must be on the same grid.

    Water pressure was low but back to normal and still under ‘boil water’

    This is the coldest period for the 44 winters I have been here since moving from Canada to escape the cold.

  11. Well I have good news: It’s above freezing now in Texas but I wish that cold air would have reached SC. Bring it to me instead! We had nothing out of this event here but some chilly rain and some frost tomorrow night. Only 24F for the coldest this winter so far. I hope next winter is better than this one.

  12. People, PLEASE be aware that Liquified Petroleum Freezes at -259 degrees F, the pipes froze because for the liquid to turn to gas – it needs heat, try opening a Gas cylinder and notice the frosting. The freezing was caused by the demand being greater than the supply. Solution Increase infrastructure – NOT close down infrastructure.

  13. Sorry to hear about your troubles Robert. I remembered you saying you left the Pacific Northwest for Texas not too long before I left California for North Carolina, so I was wondering how you fared. Glad you made it through okay and I hope you have an action plan to prepare for next winter. Covid screwed my plans financially this year so I’m not set up the way I’d like to be, but I have plans to get some fuel storage on site for my propane generator and I want a backup heat system that doesn’t rely on electricity, just in case. Hopefully I get it all in place before we get a weather event like yours here. I know it’s happened before in NC where it was cold enough to get frost heave, so I am planning on that possibility again, and I don’t want to have to rely on my electric heat pump, nor the power company to keep my family warm if it does.

    • No, I think most have natural gas heating, I had propane in the Northeast. The tanks were buried so that the earth would provide the heat to vaporize. My dad installed a butane furnace in our Kansas farmhouse when I was a kid. On cold mornings we had no heat because the butane would not vaporize. Propane is also more expensive than gas.

      • I have gas for heating and water heater in Utah and never have had a problem yet. And it gets a ton colder here than in Texas. So I’m not getting why the heating problem in Texas if people have gas like you say.

  14. As tough as it’s been [and may still be] to get through these rough days in Texas… all of you are and will be among the survivors. Thank you for sharing your stories and maintaining this site even during adversity. Many have learned much during all these events…. [Purpose].
    Stoic Lessons are Changing Your Life in Real Time
    ht tps://youtu.be/0oVsLkPqXWo

    The Deeper the Abyss the Brighter the Light
    ht tps://youtu.be/dPv1RYsi7sA

  15. glad youre all getting some semblance of services back,
    yeah FEMA?? notably absent as usual?
    37 dead I suspect will rise as they find more bodies of the homeless and older people dead in homes;-(
    the powercos are going to hike your bills for some time to cover their costs of repairs and of course to scrap/repair the crappy wind units that helped crash the grid for you

  16. Since magma provenly is stimulated by excessive space electricity (Ebisuzaki-2011, Marchitelli-2020), laser-plasma can repel it & prevent dangerous electro-volcanic eruptions & global cooling!
    http://www.sciencealert.com/boeing-has-patented-a-plasma-force-field-to-protect-against-shock-waves *www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1342937X10001966 **https://watchers.news/2020/07/16/study-finds-correlation-between-solar-activity-and-large-earthquakes-worldwide

  17. “Some of my neighbors decided to form a ‘posse’ as a show of force and go down to the local water district to demand better treatment.”


  18. Out off topic.
    Looks like Trump is not alone.
    Been reading about lots of change in the world that starts to look like the rise of the evil kings. Italian govt resigns, everyone but Putin resigned in Russia, Kuwait Gov’t resigns, Netherlands Govt resigns, Angela Merkel to step down, Estonian Minsters fired, Malaysian Gov’t steps down, several roman bishops die of COVID…(of course everything is blamed on the invisible v-i-r-u-s, so hard to say), saw a tidbit about a bunch cardinals but could not verify that. The other items all checked out in google search so something is up.
    It is certainly beyond coincidence that all those heads of state, etc. are gone. One theory I heard was that many are being arrested for crimes. Alternate theory–they are going into hiding.

  19. I live a little south of Sherman, TX. The towns all around us had power and water problems, but it somehow missed us, more or less. During the worst of the low temperatures the power went out for about ten minutes in the middle of the night, but everybody was in bed, under the blankets, and didn’t notice. We had our fireplace ready to go in case we needed it, but we didn’t.

    Everybody else had boil water orders for a couple of days, but we’re on a different system, and had no difficulties.

    Yesterday I guess the great god Murphy decided he needed to remind us that we weren’t immune and one of the pipes under the house broke in spite of the fact that we had been running water to keep them from freezing. So now we’re trying to get the repair people in to fix it, but the local repair man is pretty slammed by people with similar problems who are ahead of us in the queue, so we’re making do with bottled water and a 7 gallon jug that my son-in-law filled up at the beginning of this thing, just in case. My daughter has been melting snow for the toilet tanks, so we’re basically in a holding pattern, but we’re doing fine, and in no real difficulty. The snow is now disappearing at a quick rate, and we’re looking forward to letting our poor, stir-crazy cat outside today so she can hunt voles in our 5 acre lot.

  20. A Federal Commission in 2011 advised weathering power supply equipment. ERCOT decided not to. Want to bet the majority of their board are AGW believers? Blizzards are not that rare in Texas.

  21. You can buy a dead nuts simple single burner butane stove at any Asian market for less than 15 bucks.
    A pack of 5 butane cartridges will cost you about 5 bucks.
    There is no reason for anyone to be eating cold food or unboiled water.

    Additionally you can buy a kerosene heater at ACE for about 150 bucks. Will warm one room and burn for 16 hours on a gallon of kerosene.
    Of course you can’t leave it unattended and you must insure proper ventilation. And they are never to be left on all night.
    I used one for years while living in Japan. Hundreds of millions of Asians use them every single day.
    Crank it up in the morning for a couple of hours and get the place warm. Then again in the evening before bed.
    5 gallons of kerosene would last my wife and I about two weeks.
    They can also be used to boil water or warm a can of soup, but they aren’t really designed for hard core cooking.

  22. Texas sucks! The cold goes way down into Mexico even. The infrastructure hasn’t been designed with extreme cold in mind, and as the climate cools broken water lines and no water for days or weeks are going to be the new normal. I am so regretting leaving the Colorado River and moving to Texas.

  23. interesting side note: the company that install the worlds largest wind farm was German, and the company that currently operates is, also German… ’nuff said about the “experts” planning for the cold and other factors…

  24. Hey Robert, we must be “neighbors”. I live similarly as you, about 30 minutes SW of Ft. Worth. I experienced a total blackout of power for 31 hrs. The promised rolling blackouts …didn’t roll.
    Managed okay and heated things on the grill, but I am making better preparatory plans for the future. ERCOT/ONCOR did not prepare for these conditions. Gov. Abbott will hold their feet to the fire, but we need real power reform.
    I encourage you to write the Gov. and the Lt. Gov. You’re informed perspective will make an impact.
    Proud you’re a “neighbor”. You’ll make a great Texan!

      • Buy brass LPG fittings and even a few copper pipe fittings/isolation valves/shut-offs/drains/air blow out connectors etc. for [future] plumbing repairs [as req’d] now while they’re still available… expect they gonna be worth much more than their weight in gold purdy soon. 3/8″ [HP 300 psi] air hose w/ 1/4″ NPT male ends fittings is dang near free and it’s light, skinny and long and it gets the job done [air, gas, water if needed – don’t leave them under CH gas pressure unattended especially, especially in hot weather] or else spend a bit on heavy fat HD LPG hose for any overnight runs inside the house. Got 3 x 1000 gal, 1 x 500 gal, 2 x 250 gal pigs plus lotsa little and really litte bottles chock-a-block full of C3H8 located all over the ranch [more gens LPG and gasoline and diesel light towers/gens than I can count [many unboxed] and 3 fully functional wood fire stoves plus a few unused (bought 1/2 price still in boxes) have grid supplied CH4 for furnace, stove and water heater but burn wood year round (heating cooking) and I love it here too and I really, really love wood stoves, private water wells, Berkey water filters make the deep well water taste almost sweet. One is none, two is one done to excess [with tangibles] instead of bitcoin and inedible silver. Most town zombies wear their masks but none have said as much as boo so far about the maskless. Almost half assed can’t wait [not really really but kinda sorta] to see a real Texas winter up here to get our test run of of total off grid… might never go back… all the LPG would be saved/used/sipped just for the gens. as req’d. Cows/chickens//ducks are lovin’ it… the winter this year. Only fed half as much feed and the snow is disappearing already. Gotta love wavey jet streams as long as your lucky enough to be in the right spot to ‘catch a good wave’. … expect it’s gonna get extra western and idiotic sooner than we think, check points, papers please etc. Buy brass… and copper incl. pipe and cable… all kinds. Injections, cold and hunger should make for slow to hopefully mostly stationary zombies… the best kind… just need to remain out the globalist eugenicists way [river banks] for a bit and let the zombies just settle back down… back into the top soil again… undisturbed. Cheers Amigo… sounds like the HCQ [and hopefully bi-weekly (Sat/Wed 50k IUs of D3] is working… also DMSO is a great transdermal driver for your topical compounded T… stay well.

  25. I also mix DMSO with Iodine, have 3 eye dropper type bottles and a small Manuka honey bottle at hand all the time… one eye dropper of pure Iodine, one pure DMSO and one half and half. Can quick fix/repair damaged/worn tissue in quick time as req’d. Honey is really THE quick fix for lots and lots too.


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