7 feet of snow in the next ten days forecast for California

“Also, -20F forecast for Calgary, Sunday AM,” says reader. “Kinda chilly for March 15, eh ?”

7′ of snow in the next ten days forecast for Cali:

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  1. Also, -20F forecast for Calgary, Sunday AM,” says reader… but not too cool to not maintain focus on building up toilet paper supplies and hand cleaner… other stuff there is… er, well was… lots… no need to over-react, zombies laughin’ while being cool (both ways) works for Canuks as long as they’re going long T.P. and idiocracy… no complaints… sometimes MSM actually works in favour of the cognisant. News/ radio idiocracy (only way to describe it) is going full tilt with the T.P. meme too – the cool millennials (and their libtard insoucient boomer parents) rule because “probably whatever” ever Zuel kalergi tells’em in church or MSM has got to be Zuel’s rule.

    • If it goes below -22 on Saturday, it will set a record for my station, which has about 60 years of data. Currently, I’m a climate refugee. ….

  2. Looks like a very persistent pattern. Could be even more than that. It looks like winter on radar. Heavy snow in South Dakota and Nebraska.

  3. that snow melt later will be useful if you guys go to Lanina mode as is probable. water restrictions as soon a summer starts would be wise but I doubt anyone has the guts to do so.

  4. California could certainly do with a big dump – January and February were pretty much a bust for snow. All of it came over to us in the UK, where we have had the wettest winter since we do not know when. All our drought of the past two summers is now gone, with water tables being replenished and plenty of flooding to boot.

    I have given up reading the MSM as Coronavirus is the only talk in town. It is scary how controlling the propaganda is……..

  5. Prep Mind reads this forum daily – but can only pass along a fraction of what is revealed here

  6. -20 in Calgary is nothing. It happens often enough that people know what to do. That wind chill makes it feel like -30 so they keep skin covered. Call me when F and C are the same (-40). Now that is cold.

    As to the stockpiling, my wife and I stock up in December on dry goods like TP and food so we are good for a year. I just stocked up on booze because if I’m going to be house bound for 2+ weeks I’m gonna need it.

  7. There’s been a band of moisture stationary over San Francisco. Occasionally this will mean they haven’t updated the radar, though some guages are already measuring 2 inches and it hasn’t moved. It’s a persistent pattern, over time it could be more than 10 feet. Models are also unreliable that far out. Funny they never mention that.

  8. It also rained 3 inches or more some places in Los Angeles. Sometime when I wasn’t watching, that’s for sure. One of the top wettest for March. They panic if they don’t get rain by February.

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