7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-7)

7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-7)

We’re proud to co-sponsor this important event again this year.

VÁCLAV KLAUS, president of the Czech Republic, will deliver the first dinner speech on Monday, May 21 following his attendance at the NATO Summit in Chicago.

Harrison Schmitt of the Apollo 17 mission, Walter Cunningham of the Apollo 7 mission, as well as and former NASA scientists Harold Doiron and Thomas Wysmuller will also speak at the conference.

The event will take place in Chicago, Illinois from Monday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at the Hilton Chicago Hotel, 720 South Michigan Avenue It will follow the NATO Summit taking place in Chicago on May 19–21.

Let me give my take on this.

This year’s conference theme is “Real Science, Real Choices,” where scientists and policy experts will explore the truth about about climate change (it is NOT man-made), and the destructive consequences of the laws and regulations based on today’s wrong-headed perceptions about so-called global warming.

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29 thoughts on “7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-7)”

  1. It might as well be re-named “The 7th International Conference on Something We Humans Cannot Do A DAMNED Thing About, Except Maybe Fooling All Nations Into Surrendering All Their National Sovereignties For World Government”

    • No thats a different conference. This one seeks to actually discover and discuss what is going on. I am sure Robert wouldn’t be sponsoring it if it were about continuing the global warming myth.

  2. Robert,
    I am so glad you are a co-sponsor of the event. We need to know what the climate is really going to do not just the hype. If the world gets colder and the winters longer, we need to prepare.

    Thanks for your investment in our future.

  3. Harrison Schmitt of apollo 17 mission? Oh then its even already more suspect!!They were brain washed to lie!!

  4. HEY, I think the quadrapolar sun means somthing. It can even be spelled correctly other ways.haha this is it i can feel it.

  5. Well folks, if Cass Sunstein has his way ALL of us “Global Warming Deniers” will be locked up in FEMA Re-education camps and/or put to death.

    Don’t believe it? Just visit WND web site and read the story for yourself..!!!

  6. Why don’t they hold the conference where its cold?
    It has become very cold in the southern hemisphere and in South Africa, much colder than usual this time of the year! Normally our autumn is pleasant weather but looks like we are getting an early winter!

  7. I have respected Heartland for what they have been doing for quite a few years. That being said I have lost a great deal of respect for them recently after seeing their new ad campaign.


    By doing this they are stooping to the same low level as the radical / delusional AGW crowd. They are also giving the AGW crowd a lot of ammunition to make us look bad. At this point if they do not pull these ads ASAP I will lose the remainder of the respect I have for them.

    Anthony Watts on his site has already condemned this ad campaign. Quoting Anthony Watts – “I’ll be blunt; I think Heartland’s billboard campaign is a huge misstep, and does nothing but piss people off and divide the debate further. IMHO it isn’t going to win any converts, and had they asked me I would have told them that it is a bad idea that will backfire on them.”


    I challenge EVERYBODY in here to stay on a “higher level” and not stoop to the levels that a number of those in the AGW stoop to. I challenge everybody here to refuse to “sling mud and become a nasty person” just because the other side is doing it!

    By promoting these ads the Heartland institute has stooped to a level that I can’t just brush off and feel good about them anymore.

    As somebody commented over on Anthony Watt’s site – “OH heartland, what have you done ?

    It’s like a friend who gets drunk at a party and pukes on the hostesses dress.
    He’s still a friend , but …….”

      • John. Correct do not give up the high ground. Do not become like the AGW “crowd”. Heartland has stooped to the level of the AGW delusionists and that is troubling. They need to pull these ads quickly or they lose a lot of credibility and turn many people who used to support them against them.

  8. Robert I think there is some confusion about what this conference is. Maybe you could spread a little light on what the purpose of this confab actually is about? Is this same sort of propaganda love fest that was held in Copenhagen a couple of years ago? Does is it have anything to do with the United Nations Climate Change Conference that is held yearly and laments the evils of humanity?

    • Hi John, Let me give my own take on this.

      This year’s conference theme is “Real Science, Real Choices,” where scientists and policy experts will explore the truth about about climate change (it is NOT man-made), and the destructive consequences of the laws and regulations based on today’s wrong-headed perceptions about so-called global warming.

      I have added this to my post to make it clear that I think this conference is a GOOD thing.

  9. This conference needs more coverage from the main stream media. Watched all the videos from last year, very informative. The media has to be made aware that none of the global warming kooks will debate the scientists who present data here.

  10. I read “stooped to a low level” in a few posts and can’t help but think that a healthy amount of Cynicism might be in order.

    Ain’t no publicity as bad as obscurity.

    The line up of personalities, for the billboard ad campaign, were all on record regarding evil AGW.

    For my five cents worth. Get famous or die trying.

    • ok forgot this is the real climate change group, not PTB group
      altho i suspect VÁCLAV KLAUS, president of the Czech Republic, is disinfo
      so i wdnt get yr hopes up robert coz this cd well be TPTB controlling the opposition

  11. Will Joe Bastardi be there?Hes were I get my weather report from.I like the new show Wise guys of weather on the Internet.Certainly Yuk Yuk Yuk to Al Gore

  12. Folks, get with the program. I’ve attended two of these conferences in Washington DC. They are organized by Heartland, a major “truth” organization. No bedwetting warmist will even show his face at the show, although last year they actually had one and he debated Roy Spencer.

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